2009 Volunteering in America Report is now available at VolunteeringInAmerica.gov

The Corporation for National and Community Service hosts the most comprehensive collection of information on volunteering in the U.S. at its Web site: www.VolunteeringInAmerica.gov.  This site allows civic leaders, nonprofit organizations, and interested individuals to retrieve a wide range of information regarding trends and demographics in volunteering in their regions, states, and almost 200 cities. This document highlights some of the key findings from the data. The 2009 Volunteering in America Report now available at www.VolunteeringInAmerica.gov

Want to create your own service project or event, but not sure how? Check out helpful toolkits at www.serve.gov to get you started.

Already involved in volunteer efforts?  Click here to tell us your story of service today!

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