Political Social Work Training Opportunity

The University of Connecticut, School of Social Work Nancy A. Humphreys Institute for Political Social Work is hosting its 15th Annual Campaign School on Friday, April 8 and Saturday, April 9 in West Hartford, CT. Since 1996, the Campaign School has trained more than 400 social workers in creating effective campaign strategies and running successful political campaigns. University of Connecticut School of Social Work students attend for free. Other social work students attend for $50.00 and non-students attend for $100.00. Visit the Campaign School web site for more information and to register for the Campaign School.

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  1. I am very interested in the political realism for licensed social workers. To begin with, in order to, assist a client without transferring your past on the client. One must understand American government and democracy; as opposed to a parliament. Far too many professionals whom have travelled from the hispanola Islands, demonstrate. An unawareness in nostalgia.
    This lack of confronting the unnoticable communistic behavior is placing America in a serious debt. Eventhough, the west indies speak english; their culture also speaks a language called pooty mouth. This is how he or she can recognize another west indian citizen; whom can reside in the Americas.
    However, the problem is his or her rejection to respect and uphold the laws in America; not to mention some top level management allow the west indian culture, to be more verbal than he or she has the right to be.
    For example a west indian citizen whom is given the privilege to obtain union work in America loses his or her visa to be employed. Top level management allows this indivdual to continue, to obtain a paycheck. The employee refusesto do the required work. The work is held in a hospital on a trauma floor.
    This behavior of not participating in job duties; becomes a dominoe effect. Therefore. The job duties are neglected on the day shift. The result is patients are experiencing anaphylactic shock; which is not documented, patients are lying in uriine and feces, no fresh drinking water is given, patients were neglected.
    It is decisions like these which propel lack of safety. The appraisal tactic of peer recommendations is not effective in a situation of this magatude
    The end result was agrapevine of not to do anywork. This forces first string supervisors, to collaborate with his or her peers and obtain authority to request quality control, is their adequate fianace to hire new people.
    Managements objective is to appear innocent. Meanwhile, the new employees are forced to follow the code; that,s not ethical. The code conveys the message to new hirees that; he nor she is to complain about work issues no matter what danger can occur. It,s upsetting a nurse can intentionally take life, liberty and justice away from another human being in exchange for a paycheck.
    This is not only a hate crime but. An abomination. Not to mention Mr. Micheal Jackson is nolonger living, because an hispanolian cultured individual did not fully understand arms length.
    American citizens need more than a hyperpigmented person to assist him or her in a battle. Americans need experienced, knowledgable constituents whom canguide the client out safely. In other words slothful management can stop sugar coating unskilled people with that same murderous costly excuse, they need a job, they need to eat. No one is condoning survival but skills are mandatory.

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