Social Work and the Anniversary of Roe V. Wade

Thirty-nine years ago today, January 22, the United States Supreme Court ruled that a women’s right to chose is protected and guaranteed by the Constitution.   Despite efforts from some state legislatures to introduce and even pass a number of abortion restriction bills, Roe v. Wade remains the law of the land.   Based on the principles of self-determination, human rights and social justice, NASW has long advocated for reproductive health services for all women. 

In related news, the Obama administration announced that health insurers must proved free access to birth control as part of the reforms established by the Affordable Care Act.  To read the HHS press release, go to:

One comment

  1. The requirement for private health insurance companies to provide “free” birth control is a thinly-veiled means of driving up insurance premiums. The government has one aim: eliminate free-market competition so that it can implement a governmental third-party payer program.

    The more cost-effective way to ensure coverage of contraceptive services for women is to open the market to inter-state sales and competition. This would drive costs down by opening larger risk-pools and increasing purchasing choice and power to the private consumer.

    I’m also for totally eliminating all forms of third-party payer health insurance. Then, health care providers may compete for service provision in a free market, without all the overhead and oversight costs of dealing with third-party payers.

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