President Obama Releases Fiscal Year 2013 Budget

On Monday, February 13, President Obama released his fiscalyear 2013 budget proposal. It includes $3.67 trillion in new budget authority, a 3.7 percent reduction from 2012 levels. It includes $1.15 trillion in discretionary spending and $2.27 trillion in mandatory spending. You can find information about the budget on the White House web site.

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  1. This “budget” is a big nasty joke. Even if the government took EVERY penny from millionaires (not just taxes, but EVERY penny), our current rate of spending will still be higher than our income.

    Personally, I’m sick of being told I’m not paying “my fair share”. I’m a Social Worker who earns EVERY cent I make. Can anyone please tell me exactly how much my “fair share” should be?

    Shouldn’t every Social Worker being earning big bucks too? Then what’s YOUR “fair share” in taxes?

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