Let Congress know you oppose revised American Health Care Act!

Let your Representatives in Congress know that you oppose measures to change the Affordable Care Act (ACA) protections.  The House GOP leadership has proposed allowing states the right to raise costs of health care and limit service offerings.  The revised GOP American Health Care Act (AHCA) repeal bill called the MacArthur Amendment would permit states to:

  • Discriminate against older adults and people with pre-existing conditions by charging significantly higher premiums
  • Change Essential Health Benefits to reduce insurance coverage for services such as mental health services, substance use disorder services or women’s health services
  • Return to imposing annual and lifetime limits on coverage
  • End Medicaid expansion that covers millions people

Under the ACA, states already have flexibility to create unique state programs as long as vulnerable populations are protected.

Action Requested

All people deserve the right to have affordable health insurance coverage and access to comprehensive health services. Tell your Representative what health care services matter most to you.



  1. In this profession I work with children. With growing technology, electronics, and the onset of mental illness, kids aren’t going to be able to get the care they need. They model after their parents. If they are in the foster care system or have parents who cannot properly care for them for a variety of reasons, they are not learning the daily skills needed for healthy development or success as an adult. What we do now is imperative, and cutting so much funding or making prenatal care impossible for some since it’s a “pre-existing condition” is inhumane.

    I feel like we are in a rat race, and the ill or poor or elderly are going to be weeded out and will die off. Then again, that may be a part of this agenda too.

  2. Karen Marshall

    This is crazy how can they reverse Obamacare care this coverage has helped millions of people. This is the heinous act anyone can ever imagine.

  3. Reda Garrett-Hudy, MSW, MS

    Your selfish and without heart if you pass the bill…and 2018 you will be without a job….hope you don’t have any preexisting conditions

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