NASW officials take part in Joe Biden for President Campaign Fundraiser

Joe Biden and his Vice Presidential running mate Kamala Harris. Photo from

Joe Biden and his Vice Presidential running mate Kamala Harris. Photo from

National Association of Social Workers (NASW) officials joined a Joe Biden for President Campaign Zoom Call campaign fundraiser event on Oct. 29.

NASW CEO Angelo McClain, NASW Deputy Director of Programs Anna Mangum, and Director of Public Policy Sarah Butts took part in the event.

NASW’s participation was made possible through a contribution made to the campaign by Political Action for Candidate Election (PACE), NASW’s political action committee.  At the event, high-level campaign staff provided their inside perspective on the presidential election and the priorities on which Biden will focus if elected. The event featured key campaign staff:

  • Carmel Martin, Senior Policy Advisor, Biden for President
  • Greg Schultz, Senior Advisor & General Election Strategist, Biden for President
  • Erin Wilson, National Political Director, Biden for President

NASW’s endorsement and support of Vice President Biden was highlighted by the campaign team and Dr. McClain was called upon to discuss our efforts to elect the Biden/Harris ticket.

The election is close, but it’s not too late to get involved!  The “How To Volunteer In The Final Stretch” one-pager can be found here.

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