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October 29, 2021

It is hard to believe that we are closing in on the end of our second year living with COVID-19.

Since March 2020, our three organizations have come together to share resources in Social Work Responds. These newsletters have allowed us to address challenges posed by the pandemic like adjusting to tele-social work, testing delays, or teaching social work in a virtual environment. After the murder of George Floyd and the nation’s renewed focus on social justice, the newsletter topics evolved to cover the pandemic of racism as well as COVID-19 and featured resources, testimonies, and information on how social workers can identify and dismantle racism in their practice or education and deliver care to all populations, clients, and communities in need.

Collaborating on these newsletters has also allowed our organizations to work more closely together to better serve and advance social work through the pandemic.

To continue to serve social workers, educators, and regulators everywhere, we are asking for your participation in a feedback survey. Last year, you provided valuable feedback on the topics ASWB, CSWE, and NASW should cover in Social Work Responds. 

We are grateful for your support and hope these newsletters will continue to serve as a resource for you.

SURVEY LINK: https://cswe.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6gQ7InqUPw23T5Y


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