News from the Hill – February 2011 – First Edition

House Preps Big Cuts in Domestic Spending House Republicans are preparing legislation funding the government for the remainder of the current fiscal year and finishing up appropriations legislation deferred late last year when Democrats lost control of the House. The “continuing resolution” or CR is necessary to fund the government for the last seven months of the current fiscal year, ... Read More »

Community Letter – PEPFAR MSM Guidance

NASW, alongside over 140 organizations, networks and civil society organizations from 50 countries, signed a letter to the United States Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator (OCAG), to release the PEPFAR Field Guidance on Men who have Sex with Men (MSM).  OGAC is responsible for implementing the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (or PEPFAR).   The letter, addressed to ... Read More »

Congressional Briefing: Implications of Health Care Reform on the Social Work Profession, Feb 16, 2011

Update 2/18/2011 – Click here to view remarks from this Congressional Briefing. NASW is pleased to announce that Congressman Edolphus Towns, sponsor of the Dorothy I. Height and Whitney M. Young, Jr. Social Work Reinvestment Act, and a professional social worker, is holding a congressional briefing entitled, “Implications of Health Care Reform on the Social Work Profession” on February 16, ... Read More »

Join NASW, Half in Ten and Sens. Sherrod Brown and Al Franken for a Webinar on Antipoverty Advocacy in the 112th Congress

WEBINAR February 2, 2011 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. EST Click here to register The 112th Congress presents a challenging political landscape for advocates concerned about reducing poverty. With deficit reduction dominating the conversation, several proposals have already been set forth to slash critical services helping those struggling the most in this recession. While these developments pose new challenges, advocates can ... Read More »

News from the Hill – January 2011

CAPTA Reauthorization Bill Signed Into Law On December 20, President Obama signed into law the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Reauthorization Act of 2010 (CAPTA), formerly S. 3817. The law promotes the use of differential response in child protective services, gives special attention to the co-occurrence of child maltreatment and domestic violence, and sharpens the prevention focus of the community-based ... Read More »

Immigration Comments in the State of the Union Address

During the State of the Union Address, the President reiterated his deep commitment to addressing and fixing our nation’s broken immigration system.  To read more, go: NASW is also committed to comprehensive immigration reform.   According to the Immigrants and Refugees Policy Statement in Social Work Speaks (Eighth Edition), NASW supports federal, state and local policies and procedures that replace ... Read More »

New Report Shows Military Suicides Increase; How You Can Help

Recently, it was reported that for the second consecutive year, the United States has lost more troops to suicide than combat.  This news comes on the heels of a guide for military families issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs that focuses on mental health.  While these two points do not go perfectly hand in hand (the distinction between active ... Read More »

NASW to hold Health Care Reform and Beyond: Limits and Possibilities of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Teleconference

On Monday, January 31, 2011, from 1:00-2:00pm Eastern Time, NASW is hosting a teleconference on Health Care Reform with Stephen Gorin, PhD, Executive Director of the NASW New Hampshire Chapter. The moderator for the call is Dina Kastner, NASW Senior Field Organizer. The call will cover the limits and possibilities of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) signed ... Read More »

CMS Reverses Rule on Voluntary Advance Care Planning

Just days after the new Medicare regulation to allow end-of-life planning as part of the annual physical exam began, the Obama administration reversed its decision.  On January 5, CMS announced that the first annual wellness visit and subsequent annual wellness visits in Medicare will not include voluntary advance care planning.  CMS cited an error in procedure led to the reversal ... Read More »

HHS Report: 129 million Americans with a pre-existing condition could be denied coverage without New Health Reform Law

On January 18, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius released a new analysis showing that, without the Affordable Care Act, up to 129 million non-elderly Americans who have some type of pre-existing health condition would be at risk of losing health insurance when they need it most, or be denied coverage altogether.   Repealing the law would once again leave ... Read More »