Support the Foster Care Medicaid Coverage Act of 2007!

BackgroundCongress is currently considering legislation to extend Medicaid coverage for youth who age out of foster care. The  Medicaid Foster Care Coverage Act of 2007 (H.R. 1376) will address ways to provide Medicaid coverage for youth who exit the foster care system without a permanent family unit. There are currently 25,000 youth aging out of the foster care system ... Read More »

NASW Political Action of Candidate Election

PACE exists for one reason: to elect candidates with strong records on the issues that matter most to social workers. Despite some recent progress, we as social workers see daily how our clients suffer from the government’s lack of support and funding for social programs. With your help, that can change in 2008. Many of you already provide support to ... Read More »

NASW Supports Platform for Divided We Fail Campaign

NASW has signed on to support the platform of Divided We Fail, a new coalition promoting access to health care and long-term financial stability for all Americans. AARP, Business Roundtable, and Service Employees International Union (SEIU) formed the coalition in January 2007 “to amplify the message that obtaining health and long-term financial security is vital for all Americans,” the group’s ... Read More »

Support the Fully Inclusive Baldwin Amendment

Background On October 18th 2007, the House Committee on Education and Labor, by a vote of 27-21 passed the Employment Non Discrimination Act (H.R.3685). This historic legislation providing workplace protections on the basis of sexual orientation has left committee and will likely face a floor vote this week. HR.3685 is identical to the long supported H.R.2015, with the notable exception ... Read More »

Support Expanded Employment Non-Discrimination

BackgroundThe House of Representatives is currently considering legislation that would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (HR.2015), introduced by Representative Barney Frank (D-MA), forbids employers from discriminating against individuals on the basis of their perceived or actual gender identity or sexual orientation, and prohibits preferential treatment or quotas. These provisions are ... Read More »

College Cost Reduction Act of 2007 FAQ

When will this legislation become effective? Most of the changes will take effect October 1, 2007. Who is eligible for the loan forgiveness portion of the legislation? You must be working full-time in a public service job to include: Emergency management Government Military service Public safety Law enforcement Public health Public education (including early childhood education) Social work in a ... Read More »

Victory for the Social Work Reinvestment Initiative: Loan Forgiveness for Social Workers in the College Cost Reduction Act of 2007!

NASW has been working to secure student loan forgiveness legislation for social workers for many years. Thanks to grassroots member advocacy and the work of NASW lobbyists, a major victory has been scored in support for students and social workers nationwide: On September 7,  2007, Congress passed H.R. 2669, “The College Cost Reduction Act of 2007” which amounts to ... Read More »

Restore Democracy in our Nation’s Capital

Overview On April 19, 2007 the D.C. Voting Rights Act (H.R.1905) passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 241-177. This is the first time in a generation that the House has passed a bill that works toward bringing voting representation to the 550,000 Americans living in our Nation’s Capital. Meanwhile, on May 1, 2007 Senators Joe Lieberman (I-CT) ... Read More »

NASW Co-Signs Letter on HEA

There is a bill to reauthorize the Higher Education Act now before a committee of senators and congressman. They are negotiating the differences between the House version and Senate version. The House version would provide up to $5,000 in college loan forgiveness for up to five years of work in the child welfare field. NASW recently cosigned the letter below ... Read More »

Get Loan Forgiveness for Social Workers in the Head Start Bill!

On June 19, 2007, the U.S. Senate approved its version of the Head Start for School Readiness Act. This bill reauthorizes the Head Start Act and expands access to the Head Start program through increased appropriation levels. This program, which provides assistance to low-income children and families, has been an important part of America’s effort to promote school readiness and ... Read More »