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NASW Member Voices: Worsening Systemic Intolerance is an Existential Threat to our Nation

By Mel Wilson, LCSW, MBA America, seemingly suddenly, finds itself in the middle of the most existentially threatening crisis of racism and intolerance since the events leading up to and including the Civil War. As was the case over 160 years ago, the present-day neo-fascist and white supremacy crusade is directly driven racial enmity – compounded by deep animus toward ... Read More »

Breaking Barriers from Within

When it comes to snap decisions, we can all benefit by pausing to reflect first By Lorrie R. Appleton, LCSW The theme for Social Work month is descriptive and inspiring – Social Work Breaks Barriers. At our best, Social Workers are analogous to Super Heroes. When clients and families are faced with challenges, we rise to the occasion. Social workers ... Read More »

Member Voices: Accountability is the Key to Progress

Black history month celebrate. vector illustration design graphic By Chad Dion Lassiter, MSWMy question this month is how well are we living up to our creed to bring the woes of the marginalized to the forefront of the public’s attention? The year started, as most years do, with fireworks and a steely resolve to tackle our personal woes and a ... Read More »

NASW Member Voices: Eclectics, Rise Up!

By Lorrie R. Appleton, LCSW I am noticing a curious trend in the mental health field. A client was referred to me by a colleague. I agreed to have a preliminary pro-bono meeting to determine if there was a fit between what the client wanted and my skill set.  “Do you do attachment,” the client asked? He had read books ... Read More »

NASW Member Voices: Professional Boundaries Re-Visited: 3 Reasons to Pause and Self-Reflect

Burnout is still a reality. Social workers shouldn’t forget to practice self-care.   By Sarah Meisinger MSW, LICSW For social workers, returning to in-person interactions with clients, colleagues, and the community is shining a spotlight on our need to adapt and adjust yet again. Our ways of being with others is forever changed and I am wondering how everyone is ... Read More »

Member Voices: Be Wary of Mental Health ‘Experts’ on Social Media

By Carla B. Monteiro, LCSW The past two years were filled with fear and uncertainty, exacerbating a mental health crisis with an increase in anxiety, depression, suicide rates, and substance abuse. I see the devastating effects of this crisis in our community, emergency departments, and substance-use treatment centers through my roles as an emergency psychiatric and addiction Clinical Social Worker. ... Read More »

Member Voices: My Journey to Clinical Social Work

Healing Justice Values Alongside Therapeutic Interventions By Violeta A. Donawa, LMSW In December 2015, I reconnected with a sister-teacher-friend, Adela Nieves Martinez, who had been asked to develop a healing justice curriculum to community organizers, residents, and activists in Waawiiyatanong (the land now known as Detroit, Mich.). In the spirit of collaboration, she invited a small group of facilitators, herbalists, ... Read More »

MEMBER VOICES: How to Have a Career in Veterinary Social Work

Veterinary Social Work is a growing field. By Michael Beattie, LSW Experts say veterinary social work is a growing field. “Veterinary social work is an interprofessional practice that includes animal assisted therapy, but is broader than animal assisted therapy,” Elizabeth Strand said during an episode of NASW Social Work Talks podcast on Veterinary Social Work. But there are many career ... Read More »