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For general inquiries, please call the NASW switchboard at 202-408-8600. For membership inquiries, please call NASW Member Services at 800-742-4089 (M – F, 9:00 am– 9:00 pm EST). For specific requests, click here.

For Media Questions and Interviews, please contact:

NASW Communications
750 First St., NE Ste 700
Washington, DC 20002

For Questions regarding this blog, please contact:


  1. Hi,

    I just figured the NASW should be aware of this. I’m a veteran and a LCSW who recently rejoined the Army to deal with a number of mental health and addiction issues effecting soldiers. It made national news.

  2. As all know that there are very serious concerns in all states regarding the passing of the LCSW licensure exam. Many people have been in practice for years, over 10 years ago there was a grandfathering for many. I would encourage that another one be considered. This field is losing many experienced persons who has been in the field for many years and are entering into other fields. Just asking that this issue be considered.

  3. I need help. I am a middle aged woman. graduated 2012 with a msw. i have not been able to work in sw since school. i have looked and continue to look. since i have no experience, no references its been two years and only references would be for practicums no actual social work work. i need help. not encouragement I know how to do that. help

  4. do not send an email i will not read it. i will check back to this site in a two days. social workers i need help. i love in the northeast. i believe i have truly tired to obtain employment. both my graduate practicums one person retired and the state removed the funding for that position, the other practicum the person moved to Florida with spouse. a brief practicum at a site where i did hardly nothing and the male msw was inappropriate.

    • ShaKara:

      Thanks for your commitment to the social work profession and good luck to you in your search for employment.

      I would suggest you contact your state NASW chapter ( to see if they know of opportunities in your area. NASW also has an online job listing board that may be helpful (

      Also consider contacting the school where you graduated too see if they have job assistance or know of openings. If you did not attend a graduate school in your state please contact accredited social work schools near where you wish to work.

      I also urge you to join NASW’s LinkedIn group so you can interact with other social workers and ask them how they secured jobs when they had less experience.

      All the best.

      Greg Wright
      NASW Public Relations Manager

  5. Looking for advice on appropriate study material for the LCSW in New York. I have worked under my LMSW for the past 10 years and never needed to obtain my C. As it stands, i still don’t need my C for my current position; though now I would like it for personal growth and perhaps professional should I decide to practice ouside the agency. I have looked online at the numberous study guides, though unsure what would be best. Any suggetions are welcomed!

    • Amy:

      You should contact the Association of Social Work Boards ( You may also want to contact NASW’s New York Chapter to see if if they have any advice on study materials. The chapter email: I also suggest you join NASW’s LinkedIn group and ask other New York social workers for advice. Take care and good luck.

      Greg Wright
      NASW Public Relations Manager

  6. I am having a difficult time with the website today. It is not letting me log out and I renewed my membership making me concerned because of the personal information I entered.


    • Josie Salazar:

      We are sorry you are experiencing this issue and want to work to rectify the situation.

      Please contact NASW Membership Services at 800-742-4089 (M – F, 9:00 am– 9:00 pm EST) or email


      Greg Wright
      NASW Public Relations Manager

  7. dear sir
    I am retired engineer and we have founded a little organization to help to poor in srilanka and you visit our blog.please inform me how can we get aids to poor.
    thank you
    nimal rajapaksha

  8. On Sunday, September 20th there will be a radio broadcast on Z-100 (WHTZ 100.3 FM) in NY on issues affecting “Post 9/11″ returning Veterans. This program highlights the efforts of a national organization called “The Soldiers Project” featuring the Long Island, NY Chapter.

    The program will feature three Volunteer therapist (two of whom are Social Workers and one who is a co-director of the chapter) who are helping the Vets and first hand accounts from two Post 9/11 Veterans.

    The program was co-produced by me (also a Social Worker). Please email me for ways to listen nationally.

    Thank you,

    Silas W. Kelly: LMSW-CMHT, NASW Member
    “Social Work Media Specialist” & Independent Radio Producer

  9. rebecca lcsw an nasw member Illinios hapter

    I was interviewing at a place for an LCSW job and it turned into a fee split offer. I said I think they are illegal. I think you want me to rent space or practice services. I found several articles and set it to the in Illinois fee split is not allowed for LCSw, LPCp and psychologist. I would be in their for profit business. I would see people for individual counseling. I they would get 45 percent of the insurance money I get 55% . I have to pay my own taxes. I would be hourly doing special groups several hours day. PHP and IOP groups. so if the highest reimbursement they make me hourly. I said I think you are trying to rent me office space and perhaps billing services. I would never pay for a referrals. I wanted to be an employee. Also they do not want to give me fee schedules. IS it unethical in Missouri. I feel this was a bait and switch. I went off for testing being told I had a job, pre employment physical done.I need work. I offered o do prn work and said I have had contracts with others not a fee split. he says done all the time with dr

  10. ear Sir/Madam


    I am working as a Lecturer for Master of Social Work in a College. I kindly request your good self to send me the regular literature published by your org monthly/quarterly/half yearly/annually in English what ever might be so that it could be helpful to me to gain more knowledge and vice versa share the same to the students which i believe could benefit them more from the regular syllabus .

    Looking for your kind consideration to post the literature to the below address:

    P. Kamalakar
    Flat – 405
    Surya Apartment
    Kakatiya colony
    Warangal – 506011

  11. Monica L. Driscoll

    Good afternoon! In reference to the Zubik v. Burwell, is this Bishop David A. Zubik, Allegheny County, PA? I read that which was posted and could not get a sure answer as to the plaintiff. ‘Just wondering… Thanks and have a good day! Monica L. Driscoll

  12. NY Social Work Clinician

    Good afternoon, I am a recent MSW graduated. I started working at a nonprofit as a social work clinician. One of my clients recently revealed information about a possible sexual abuse and neglect to her children during visitation hours with their father. I discussed the case with my supervisor and as mandated reporters we called ACS, and now there is a case open to find out more about possible abuse. However, the director of the organization didn’t agree with our call. The director is an attorney and said that before making the call we need to think about the legal aspect of it, and how it could affect our clients. We had a meeting to “discuss” more about the procedure before reporting a possible abuse. The meeting concluded that my supervisor and I “rushed” to report and now our client is in a “bad situation”. The director said that the children were “not in imminent danger” because they were not with the abuser when my client reported the abuse, and that it could have waited. The director wants all advocates and clinicians to get in contact with her and/or any other attorney to “ask for advice” before making any reports. I explained our role as social workers and our obligations as mandated reporters. I pointed out that we also have the right to make a report even if our supervisors do not agree w/ us, and the director said that if I ever make a report without her consent, it will affect my job.

    I would like to know more about my rights as a social worker and what can I do in this kind of situation.

  13. Hi,

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    All the additional information is available on our web site, but feel free to reply back to this email and we will be more than happy to help you.

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    Jim Horvath

  14. Hello all !

    I am trying to contact a social worker whom have any experience in working with self harming or suicidal behavior among teens.

    I am student in Denver CO, I am in my junior year for the SW program. This is for an assignment (I have a few questions that doesn’t take more than 7 or 10 min ) I tried to contact social workers through agencies, and even through their directly email account. All unsuccessfully attempts.
    I am running out of ideas and resources , I thought about the NASW and see if maybe I get some luck here.

    If anybody can help me with these questions in the next 2 days I will be very very thankful.
    We can communicate through emails or even a phone call to make it easier and less time consuming.
    here is my email address:

    Thank you

    Sandra Reisman.

  15. Hello All,

    My name is Braelyn Almaraz and I am currently in the second year of a MA Social Work course in the UK. For my dissertation, I am doing a comparative analysis on the experiences of unpaid family carers in England and California who are caring for relatives with dementia. My main focus will be on the differences in policy, legislation, and practice in the field of social work in regards to the both countries. Any assistance/resources would be much appreciated as I’m not very familiar with the American perspective.

    My email is

    Kind Regards,
    Braelyn Almaraz

  16. I’m looking for a Spanish speaking therapist who is willing to work with a female (46) pro-bono who has a traumatic background from Ecuador.

    • Mr. Cloud thanks for contacting us. Please go to NASW’s website and use the Find A Social Worker tool in the upper right hand corner. You should be able to find a local social worker who is fluent in Spanish.

      Good luck.

      Greg Wright
      NASW Public Relations Manager

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