National Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month! Every September, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) sponsors Recovery Month to increase awareness and understanding of mental and substance use disorders and celebrate the people who recover.

The 2016 theme is Join the Voices for Recovery: Our Families, Our Stories, Our Recovery!  Events take place around the country to celebrate the path of recovery and reduce the stigma of mental illness and addiction. In addition to local events, SAMHSA creates a series of public service announcements that appear on tv and radio in September:

NASW is a Recovery Month Planning Partner and highlights the vital role the social workers serve in delivering behavioral health services and supporting the path to recovery.  To find events near you, or post events happening in your community, go to:


For more information, please contact NASW Senior Practice Associate Carrie Dorn at

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  1. I pray for every person who is battling addiction, for their loved ones and for the wonderful professional social workers and addiction professionals who strive for recovery each and every day. God bless you!

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