NASW web page addresses veterans, military members support

By Rena Malai, News Staff

In its continued support of veterans, military members and their families, NASW has devoted a new page on the NASW website to provide its members with relevant resources.

Social workers who work with — or are interested in working with — military members, veterans and their families can visit the page at, where they will find information about military culture, and links to external websites and online courses.

The site displays NASW-affiliated resources related to the military and social work, including blogs and information on NASW chapter training. News articles on supportive initiatives that help military members are offered, and the site will provide continued updates on news covering social work as it pertains to the military and veterans. There also is a link to congressional and executive branch resources.

NASW sponsors the Give an Hour campaign, a grassroots, nonprofit organization that provides members of the military, veterans, and their loved ones with free counseling. NASW also is part of the Joining Forces initiative, led by first lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden.

The national Joining Forces initiative helps U.S. service members, veterans and their families get the support they need. Both organizations are accessible through the new NASW web page.

From the July 2012 NASW News. NASW members click here for more stories.

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  1. What a wonderful resource this website is! Thank you, NASW, for all you do to support the brave soldiers and their brave families who serve our country so well!

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