The December 2022 – January 2023 Issue of Social Work Advocates Is Available Online

The December 2022 – January 2023 issue of Social Work Advocates is available online. You can view the flipbook at this link.

Some of the stories in this issue:

When Prisoners Go Home: Preventing Recidivism Among Top Goals for Social Workers

Social workers are instrumental in helping men and women prepare for release and success as they leave prison.

COVID-19 Year 3

Social workers and their clients continue to navigate the pandemic and its impact, even as society shifts back toward ‘normal.’

Bipartisan Legislation Seeks to Address Social Impacts of Climate Change and Other Adversities

NASW members are encouraged to urge their U.S. House and Senate members to enact this climate change legislation.

Social Worker and Lifelong Swimmer Now Swims With Baby

Outpatient mental health therapist Stephanie Urbina says swimming teaches listening skills and discipline.

From the President: May the Ups and Downs of 2022 Make Us Stronger and Ready to Take on 2023

It is in these moments, in which we are weary, that we must stand up, step forward, join with others, and rededicate ourselves to the Code of Ethics that we hold near and dear to our hearts.

From the CEO: Good Transitions Are Important

As I transition from NASW and prepare for retirement, it has been a time of positive reflection for me filled with feelings of accomplishment and thankfulness for the good fortune to work with such wonderful colleagues.