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Social Work Advocates Magazine

Dessai selected for child welfare Congressional fellowship

Social worker Freny Dessai was selected from among a competitive group of applicants for the newly created Social Work Child Welfare Congressional Fellowship, administered through the NASW Foundation’s Social Work Policy Institute, or SWPI. The fellowship offers the opportunity for a professional social worker with experience in child welfare to spend a year on Capitol Hill. It also offers insight ... Read More »

Mental health services can benefit police officers

By Rena Malai, News Staff Former police officer Sonny Provetto clearly remembers being called to a 13-car pileup in his previous role with the police department in Burlington, Vt. And when he drives along the same highway today, he said it still affects him. “The operator was decapitated,” Provetto recalled of one of the drivers. “In the normal realm of ... Read More »

New York State Chapter leads training initiative

By Paul R. Pace, News Staff An effort to improve the skills of social workers and other community mental health professionals in addressing the mental health concerns of returning war veterans and their families has grown into a wide-ranging initiative in New York State. Reinaldo Cardona, executive director of the NASW New York State Chapter, said he and his staff ... Read More »

Fulbright Scholars teach and learn abroad

By Paul R. Pace, News Staff Many social workers have been selected to represent the U.S. in the prestigious Fulbright Scholar Program, which promotes mutual understanding and goodwill among foreign nations. The Fulbright Program is the international educational exchange sponsored by the U.S. government. In operation since 1946, nearly 310,000 people have been awarded the opportunity to study, teach, conduct ... Read More »

NASW member on MTV’s ‘True Life’

In the MTV documentary series “True Life,” the reality show follows a variety of young adults in specific situations, including those who suffer from the consequences of misdirected allegations. For the “True Life” segment “I’m a Sex Offender,” MTV sought out NASW member Aime Eipers to provide social work services to Justin (last name withheld), a 22-year-old Illinois resident. At ... Read More »

Children’s Bureau centennial honored in April

By Paul R. Pace, News Staff April was a special month for children as the Children’s Bureau celebrated its 100th anniversary. Social workers were instrumental in convincing lawmakers to create the federal agency in 1912 and social workers continue to play a vital role in the agency’s mission: to provide for the safety, permanency and well-being of children through leadership, ... Read More »

IOM workshop addresses contagion of violence

By Rena Malai, News Staff To address the contagious nature of violence and examine ways to treat it, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies recently presented “The Contagion of Violence,” a two-day workshop held in Washington, D.C. Experts from a wide variety of fields presented at the workshop, and NASW Senior Policy Adviser Evelyn Tomaszewski — an appointed ... Read More »

Survey shows trend in schools offering dual or joint MSW degree

NASW News blog exclusive: An article published in the June 2012 issue of the NASW News discusses nontraditional career path programs at schools of social work in the U.S., including dual degree programs. Below are some additional statistics related to that article. According to a 2011 annual survey conducted by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), about 39 percent ... Read More »

Social work schools offering alternative job path programs

By Rena Malai, NewsStaff To boost the employment potential for newly graduated or currently enrolled MSW students, some schools of social work across the U.S. offer dual degrees and nontraditional career path programs that take advantage of the broad spectrum of skills social workers can offer. “Because of the uncertain economy, shrinking job market, and desire to provide a greater ... Read More »

Workforce stats show social work field is growing

By Paul R. Pace, News Staff The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates the social work profession will grow by 25 percent from 2010 to 2020, a faster-than-average rate for all occupations. “Employment is expected to increase in health and social service settings. In addition, particular attention will be given to increasing the current inadequate supply of behavioral health workers,” said ... Read More »