1. I love this article! It cites the need for research to develop evidence to support needed programs! The authors have opened a door to help the profession develop in the 21st century. Well done!

  2. Currently working in School districts of Brooklyn ( East New York, Brownsville, and Canarsie neighborhoods)…I’ve noticed a lack of social workers in the schools. The schools in need have outside agencies providing social work services which is sometimes limited. The department of education can sometimes be hard to maneuver. I’m among an agency providing service to five schools. When I described our services to the staff, one teacher made a comment about our program being the next “new thing”. She explained saying the Department of education will always change it up.

    I think it is crucial for schools in the urban areas to have consistent and dedicated social worker or guidance counselor a working providing support in school and social and emotional learning in the classroom.

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