Join the Hope Conference Twitter Roll and Connect with Other Attendees

Join the Hope Conference Twitter Roll and follow other conference attendees during the live conference in Washington, DC.  This is a great way to experience the conference real time via the power of social media.

How do I join?

  1. Post your Twitter username (@username) in the comment box below.  Your username will be added to the Twitter Roll listing below*.
  2. Use the official Hope Conference hashtag, #swhope, when tweeting about the conference.
  3. To find out what others are saying about the conference you can follow them directly or search for the official hashtag within Twitter’s search engine.

NASW 2012 Practice Conference Twitter Roll

*Terms and Conditions: NASW reserves the right to approve or remove any twitter username submitted or posted to the Roll at any time.  Thus, submission of your Twitter username does not guarantee inclusion in the Twitter Roll listing.


  1. @SOARworks
    The SOAR team is looking forward to meeting you in breakout session #302!

  2. Presenting in breakout session 103!
    Twitter: @AIDS50plus
    Hashtag: #haactx
    Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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