1. Social Worker? you mean you sit behind a desk and input data and make a determination about a person’s life from a predetermined list of rules and refuse service to someone begging to talk to someone about their depression over the loss of family members and how they feel their life is not worth living. I guess since you’re not actually trained in social work, the answer wasn’t readily available in your manual in your desk drawer. Riiiiiight, no you’re not social workers, you’re case workers, clerks, etc. But keep patting yourselves on the back and when someone commits suicide you get all high and mighty and ask, gee why didn’t they reach out for help? What a bunch of phoneys.

  2. Dear colleagues,

    My name is Eugen LUCAN and I am vice president of National College of Social Workers in Romania.

    Our intention is to disseminating in Romania SOCIAL WORK MONTH 2014 and “ALL PEOPLE MATTER” campaigns.

    We are translate in Romanian your LOGO and we want to know if it possible for National College of Social Workers in Romania to USE this LOGO (in Romanian Translation format) for our similar campaign ? I attach your LOGO in Romanian translation !

    Thank you very much !!!

    About Eugen LUCAN:

    Eugen Lucan – is the Vice-president of the National College of Social Work since 2007.

    Among his objective as a vice-president we mention the eagerness to promote the social work profession at European level, advocacy campaigns to implement national and European legislation to support social work, raising the social workers’ visibility and reputation, and joining CNASR at global professional networks. He has BA degree in social work (1997, University of Bucharest), post-university degree certificate of international law (2003, University of Bucharest), MA degree in public sector management (2004, SNASPA), tutor certificate (1993, Pedagogic College & The National Nursery Examination Board-UK). He is EESC counsellor, member of SOC section of EESC, member of social economy group of CESE, member of political monitoring of CDR&EESC. He is co-author at the Social Work’s Manual in Romania edited by UNICEF. He is the first social worker in Romania who had a representative position in a European institution by being elected in 2006 to represent
    Romania in the European Economic and Social Committee (C.E.S.E.). He is one of the promoters and supporters of “housing first” pattern and social economy on social services in Romania and Europe. He is CESE counselor from 2007. In 2011 he received the distinction “Personality of the year for a European Romania” for the category of European Institutions Official for his contribution at social economy development. At the present, he has the following functions and responsibilities: EESC counselor since 2007, member of SOC section of EESC (www.eesc.europa.eu); President at Angel Association (www.angel.org.ro); Social work and social economy expert at the Association for Romanian Centre for Human Development and Education; member of Administrative Council of SAMUSOCIAL Association of Romania (www.samusocial.ro).


    Thank you very much for your kind support !

    • Mr. Lucan:

      You have our permission to use the Social Work Month logo. We released it publicly so social workers in the United States and around the world can do exactly what you are planning.

      Good luck and Happy Social Work Month!

      Greg Wright
      Senior Public Relations and Communications Specialist

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