Upcoming Changes in Social Security Services

SocialSecuritySocial Security this year is making service changes that could affect social workers and their clients.

Beginning August 2014 Social Security will no longer issue Social Security number printouts at its field officials. Individuals who need proof of their Social Security number and cannot find their card must apply for a replacement card.

Starting in October 2014, Social Security field offices will stop providing benefit verification letters except under emergency conditions. Benefit verification is available online and can be obtained at any time by registering for a my Social Security account at www.socialsecurity.gov/myaccount or by calling 1-800-772-1213.



  1. I agree that it is good news that the SSA is attempting to streamline their operations and reduce cost. Indeed everything these days is going to online services instead of paper. Nevertheless,, I completely concur with the first two comments that this will impose a burden on our geriatric clients. As social workers we will need to make sure that this information is disseminated amongst our colleagues and the agencies, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, etc. that we work with.

  2. I share the same concern as the previous comments in regards to individuals not having access to a computer because of illiteracy Will the SS dept. provide alternative methods for individuals who are at a disadvantage?

  3. There’s a toll-free number for people to call to verify their benefits.

    Thank you for posting this helpful information. It’s nice to see the Social Security Administration is streamlining its work, while ensuring multiple levels of access for beneficiaries.

  4. my only concern on this is what if a person isn’t computer literate or doesn’t have access to a computer and possibly isn’t working with a SW or Case Management? What is one to do.

  5. I understand that this method is efficient, can be more convenient for some, and is more “up-to-date”. However, find this incredibly ironic, since many people that receive social security don’t have computers/ internet. It is difficult enough for them to meet basic needs. Further, many also don’t even know how to use a computer! Thank you for providing the information!

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