It’s Giving Tuesday: Donate Generously to the NASW Foundation!

Nov 30, 2021

Giving Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Today is GivingTuesday and you can make a difference by joining the global generosity movement with a donation to the NASW Foundation. Generosity gives each one of us the power to make positive change in the lives of others and is a fundamental value we can act on. Together we give and impact lives through social work.

Giving Tuesday, November 30, 2021
The NASW Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization created in 2001 to support NASW’s educational, research, and charitable initiatives through a wide range of diverse programs and projects that serve the social work profession, the practitioner, and the public. We are promoting a just and equitable world through social work in 2021 by:

  • Educating social workers about COVID-19, so they can talk with clients and help the vaccine hesitant address their questions thanks to a one-year, $3.3 million Centers for Disease Control (CDC) grant.
  • Awarding 16 scholarships totaling $66,000 to students who work with Native American, Black, and Latinx populations (Consuelo W. Gosnell Memorial Scholarship and Verne LaMarr Lyons Memorial Scholarship).
  • Electing 21 amazing new NASW Social Work Pioneers® who represent the full diversity and breadth of social work.
  • Collaborating with NASW Chapters on grants and fundraising to support social work at the state and local levels (four new grants to strengthen social work, diversity, and the social work workforce in California, Hawaii, Iowa, and Illinois).


We are deeply grateful for your continuing support and friendship, and hope you and your family stay safe, happy, and healthy during the holiday season and beyond.

The NASW Foundation Team

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