NASW Participates in Conference in South Africa (Ctd.)

Day 3

Conference delegates spent the day in country team meetings defining challenges and deciding on priorities. NASW staff hosted two special meetings. The first, a lunch time meeting, was a gathering of social work delegates. The table was completely full. Delegates had a lively discussion on a variety of topics. The second was a meeting of social work associations including IFSW African regional president, Charles Mbugua. Associations from Botswana, Cote d’Ivoire, Malawi and Tanzania were represented along with social workers from Kenya and Swaziland. The discussion focused on how nearby associations might help one another.

Those attending the meeting were very pleased to meet one another and immediately began talking about what each wanted to achieve. Given the fact that we had only an hour to meet before other scheduled events the group exchanged names and email contact information. IFSW and NASW staff agreed to compile the list and circulate it to all. Discussions of next steps will need to wait until we each return home and can begin to follow-up.

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