NASW Celebrates National Family Caregivers Month: Care Comes Home

November 6, 2014

NASW continues its support for National Family Caregivers Month this November. This year’s theme, Care Comes Home, emphasizes the benefits and challenges of caregiving at home—where most caregiving takes place. Download outreach materials from the Caregiver Action Network (previously known as the National Family Caregivers Association) and use NASW materials, listed below, to illustrate the social work role in supporting family caregivers.

NASW resources:

Resources developed or offered in collaboration with NASW:

Other related resources:

Chris Herman, MSW, LICSW

Senior Practice Associate


  1. Brenda Downing MSW

    For caregivers there is often a piece missing. I am a caregiver for my grandmother and she is in an assisted living facility. She has memory issues but is otherwise able to take care of herself. The assisted living facility doesn’t offer the support that would be most beneficial for what my grandmother needs, which is companionship. I have set up companions for her but it is costly and it is a worry that she will run out of money. My mom and my uncle both live in different place but are able to manager my grandmothers money. I am the one that is hear close to her and see her several times a week, manage her calendar and schedule, doctors appointments, hair appointments, and make sure she gets a chance to get out and about.

    It is a lot of work as i work full time as an ongoing child protect caseworker. I am fortunate enough to have a supportive supervisor and agency in which I work. I also have supportive husband and mother in law. it is a lot of work to take care of my grandmother but I do enjoy it as I want her to be as happy and comfortable as possible.

    The point to this email is that most of the care giving material that is available is for people who keep there loved ones in there home. I don’t want those of use who are there advocating and caring for loved ones that are in a facility to go unnoticed. It would be great to have articles or research on about what goes into caring for someone that is in assisted living.

  2. Great resources, but it would be helpful to provide some resources for caregivers of kids with disabilities or special needs as well. That is an area that gets very little attention in general.

  3. Awesome information honoring and supporting wonderful people! Thank you for posting this.

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