Provide Public Comment – U.S. National HIV/AIDS Strategy

The U.S. Office of National AIDS Policy (ONAP) is seeking community input for the National HIV/AIDS Strategy to better inform the updated 2016-2020 National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS).

During April, ONAP convened meetings with community members, service providers, and state and local health departments as part of a series of regional forums being held across the country.

Now through May 22, 2015, ONAP is seeking your ideas, feedback, and recommendations for the updated National HIV/AIDS Strategy.

Social workers bring a critical holistic perspective –  be it in our role as clinician, researcher, educator, or advocate – that can help inform this process.

Click here to link to the public comment page.

Click here to learn more about the Office on National AIDS Policy.

Posted by:  Evelyn Tomaszewski, MSW – NASW Senior Policy Associate


  1. Finally, someone is pynaig attention to women. I live in Winston-Salem, NC. I was infected in 2002. I became AIDS May 2008. I am fighting diligently to overcome the ignorance that HIV/AIDS is only a gay male disease.I will be sharing this info with my peers when we meet for our support group this week. INCREDIBLY EXCITING AND LONG OVERDUE.I would be appreciative of any guidance you may have to offer. I am working towards becoming 501-3c. Trying to fill some of the gaps in services her, ie, tranportation issues. I am in my infancy though. I believe funding will come to enable me to get vehicle for this purpose. I work as a connector . Many people are reluctant to go for testing, afraid of being seen. I also am working with homeless. There is much to be done. Just glad someone is finally acknowledging what I have been voicing here for long time,

  2. The ANC would never encourage abstinence, discourage child pregnancy and family planning. It’s against ‘our culture’.

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