What social workers need to know about proposals to limit Medicaid Benefits

The Republican Party has proposed reducing Medicaid spending through block grants or per capita grants.

The National Association of Social Workers is against such a plan because reducing Medicaid services would harm a critical benefit to women, vulnerable populations and those living with chronic physical and mental health conditions.

To learn more about this issue and how you can get involved read MEDICAID AT RISK: Understanding Proposals to Limit Medicaid Benefits through Block Grants & Per Capital Caps.

You can also contact NASW Senior Practice Associate Carrie Dorn at cdorn.nasw@socialworkers.org.


  1. I am a social worker. A great one at that! I am NOT opposed to Medicaid cuts where necessary. Over the years, I have heard of many cases of Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse. I do not agree with the way organizations advocate for the perpetuation of such governmental dependency and continue to enable the ridiculous mentality of entitlement. I am NOT referring to disabled adults or minor children, who deserve to be cared for and supported. I’m referring to all those in between who use benefits as a crutch, and rob those of us who slave at 1 or 2 jobs for years just to make ends meet, while being forced to contribute to this nonsense. I say revamp the whole system and fact check the lies some applicants put on the applications simply because they KNOW what to put on it and HOW to get approved.

  2. The Florida Hospital Association has a campaign called “Some Cuts Won’t Heal”. The link: https://cutswontheal.com/

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