If You Can’t Attend the 2018 NASW National Conference in Person, You Can Attend Online

PrintIf you can’t be in Washington, D.C. for the 2018 NASW National Conference, consider joining us online!  Our national conference will attract more than 2000 social workers from various practice areas June 20-23, 2018. Don’t miss out on this thought-provoking event addressing some of the most pressing issues facing the social work community today.

Participants in NASW’s 2018 Virtual Conference can earn up to 16.5 CEUs and choose from four options ranging from a single day pass to a full package of Keynote Presentations, Plenary Presentations, and Breakout Presentations. To learn more about the program and pricing, and to register, please visit the 2018 Virtual Conference website.

Four 2018 Virtual Conference Options To Choose From

  • Full Package – Thursday through Saturday, June 21-23 – Earn Up To 16.5 CEUs.
  • Day One – Thursday, June 21 – Earn Up to 6 CEUs.
  • Day Two – Friday, June 22 – Earn Up to 6.5 CEUs.
  • Day Three – Saturday June 23 – Earn Up to 4 CEUs.

Highlights For 2018 Keynote And Plenary Presentations

  • Thursday, June 21 – Plenary Session (1.5 CEUs) – Shaping Tomorrow Together: Maximizing Opportunities to Create a Just Society.
  • Thursday, June 21 – Keynote Presentation (1.5 CEUs) – Fredi Lajvardi, Nationally Acclaimed STEM Educator, Improbable to Unstoppable.
  • Friday, June 22 – Plenary Session (1.5 CEUs) – Patients First: Making Holistic Health Care Accessible for All.
  • Friday, June 22 – Keynote Presentation (1 CEU) – The Honorable Elinore McCance-Katz, MD, PhD, Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Abuse, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, D.C.
  • Saturday, June 23 – Plenary Session (1.5 CEUs) – Young Leaders Shaping Tomorrow.
  • Saturday, June 23 – Keynote Presentation (1 CEU) – Gretchen Rubin, Best Selling Author and Podcaster – The Four Tendencies.
To learn more about our full virtual conference program and pricing, and to register, please visit the 2018 NASW Virtual Conference website.
For questions, email naswvirtualconference@socialworkers.org We hope you will join us!

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