Fall Into Something New from NASW Press!

Fall Into Something New From NASW Press!

Multiracial Cultural Attunement by Kelly Faye Jackson and Gina Miranda Samuels

Multiracial Cultural AttunementIn this book, Jackson and Samuels draw from their own research and direct practice with multiracial individuals and families, and also a rich interdisciplinary science and theory base, to share their model of multiracial cultural attunement. Core to this model are the four foundational principles of critical multiraciality, multidimensionality and intersectionality, social constructivism, and social justice.

Throughout, the authors demonstrate how to collaboratively nurture clients’ emerging identities, identify struggles and opportunities, and deeply engage clients’ strengths and resiliencies. Readers are challenged to embrace this model as a guide to go beyond the comfort zone of their own racialized experiences to disrupt the stigma and systems of racism and monoracism that can inhibit the well-being of multiracial people and families.

Metaphor Analysis in Public Policy and Private Practice: A Social Work Perspective by Gerald V. O’Brien

In this unique and important work, O’Brien encourages the reader to educate, engage, and make the connection between individual work and policy. Focusing on the Metaphor Analysis in Public Policy and Private Practice: A Social Work Perspectiveemotionally charged issues associated with social work, he shows the reader how metaphors are used to oversimplify complex issues like poverty, immigration, and mental health. He demonstrates how the overt and covert use of dehumanization, objectification, “positive” stereotyping, and fear- and disgust-based metaphors shape public opinion and policy and can damage an individual’s self-worth and perception.

It is essential for social workers and allies of social justice to understand public discourse metaphors if they are to advocate for and treat the vulnerable and oppressed populations that they serve. Engaging at this level helps social workers live up to the code of ethics of the profession, whether they work in public policy, institutions, or private practice.

Animal-Assisted Crisis Response: Specialized Canine Intervention for Individuals Affected by Disasters and Crises by Yvonne M. Eaton-Stull

Animal-Assisted Crisis Response: Specialized Canine Intervention for Individuals Affected by Disasters and CrisesAnimal-assisted crisis response (AACR) is a unique and proven intervention following crises and disasters. AACR teams are specially skilled, trained, and evaluated handlers with therapy dogs deployed after myriad incidents, including natural disasters, school or other mass shootings, terrorist attacks, and suicides, and also in nonemergency programs such as grief camps for children and memorial services for community traumas.

Through detailed case studies written by certified crisis dog handlers, this book demonstrates how each AACR presents its own unique challenges and opportunities. The authors discuss the intersection of psychological first aid (PFA) and AACR, offering canine-based techniques that can be incorporated into PFA and all trauma-informed care.


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