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Youth Aging out of Foster Care Webinar

Follow up questions to Ending Homelessness for

Youth Aging Out of Foster Care Webinar

Q: How many young people age out of foster care annually?

A: According to the 2008

Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS) 29,516 youth aged out of the foster care system. While the number decreased very slightly in 2009 to 29, 471, there was an increase the percent of children aging out of care from 10 to 11 percent. The number of older youth aging out of care remains high.

Q: What is the success rate (in regards to college graduates) of young people leaving foster care?

A: Three to eleven percent of alumni completed a bachelor’s degree compared to 28% of 25 to 34 year olds of the general population. More statistics can be found at

Q: How many foster youth end up in the penal system once they leave foster care?

A: Former foster youth have a higher rate of involvement with the criminal justice system than their peers. “The young adults in the study by Courtney et al (2005) were more likely to have engaged in several forms of delinquent and violent behavior in the past year than their peers. Moreover, 54 percent of the males and 24.5 percent of the females reported being incarcerated at least once between interviews at ages 17-18 and 21(Courtney et al 2007).” See The Difficult Transition to Adulthood for Foster Youth in best online casino the US: Implications for the State as Corporate Parent available at Transition&option=com_search&Itemid=

Q: Can you recommend effective programs for teaching practical life skills?

A: FosterClub ( is a national network for young people in foster care. This resource contains a wide range of resources for young people and adults working with them. One of the most recent additions is FosterClub’s Transition Toolkit which is available at This toolkit can help a young person design a plan by working with his or her transition support team. It can also help to create a map of what you have and what they need for their safe journey to adulthood. Lighthouse Youth Services in Cincinnati, Ohio – is also good model of a program teaching practical independent living skills to youth as they age out of care