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Q&A SPS Webinar on Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Excerpts below are from the NASW Specialty Practice Sections (SPS) live webinar on the commercial exploitation of children. SPS members can download the on demand audio recording or read the transcript by visiting the NASW Section page for details. CE credits are also available.

Q: How do you suggest that I work with a young person who really doesn’t see her situation as exploitive?

A: So we encourage service providers to really use those open-ended questions, help the young person explore their situation, but it’s really about building rapport and focusing on the needs that the youth presents … and not push the process before a young person is online casino ready.

Q: You mentioned recognizing the symptoms of trauma and coping mechanisms. And we all know that trauma presents differently in different people and coping mechanisms also manifest differently….

What are the most striking signs of a child in a CSEC situation?

A: I no prescription cialis hesitate to give an answer to that because I don’t think there’s one sort of symptom…talking about the PTSD part of it…we recognize PTSD symptoms in a lot of populations, right. Like people who are returning from active duty, we know that a lot of

them suffer

from PTSD symptoms. …But what we don’t often recognize is that this population is also another population that suffers from or can suffer from PTSD symptoms. They too suffer from the kinds of traumatic experiences that lead to PTSD manifesting in the way that they interact.