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  1. I believe social work is truly the profession of hope, and facilitating the emergence of hope in the people we serve is the keystone to developing a positive therapeutic relationship and opening the door to change. It is lack of hope, or hopelessness, that burdens so many of our most disadvantaged clients and makes them feel that their problems cannot solved. Hope supports self determination and empowerment and mobilizes clients’ strengths. Hope also helps us, as social workers, to persevere in our work each day, and avoid burnout.

  2. Restoring Hope….an interesting concept. When I present workshops at conferences around the country, I often say that it is because of NASW and the professionals I have met that I am still a social worker – that these supportive colleagues help me keep the hope alive, both personally and professionally. And when my own hope is strong, I am better able to assist others in restoration of their individual and collective hopes and dreams.

    For the social work profession, I hope the high moral values which brought us into this work will remain at the forefront; that we will continue to see the fruits of our labors and maintain that element of love and compassion so necessary in the day-to-day work we do.

  3. I strongly believe that practicing SW is enabling individuals to find solutions and guidance in moments of vulnerability. Life has difficult paths that sometimes we can’t figure it out.. A SW will be the guiding light and strength to find a way