Video: On Any Given Day, Social Workers Help

We know social workers serve their clients and their communities on any given day.

We know we are a profession dedicated to communities, families and individuals.

We know that we need to tell more people, with pride, about the good work we do.

The National Social Work Public Education Campaign has created tools for social workers to use to educate people about the breadth and depth of the profession. We have created advertising, public relations and marketing materials that tell people about the profession. Now, we have a video that will show people that, on any given day, social workers help in so many ways.


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    i really like this video…..and
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  2. hey…i really like this work, and i need to do my school work….if you dont mind can yu send me this work or anything that i can download….thank you!!

  3. “I got your message about Marsha. We’ll talk…” In the hallway, out loud…

    On viewing this, my BSW students wondered out loud, “Isn’t that potentially a violation of HIPAA confidentiality regulations? I mean, they may be talking about a mutual friend or they may be talking about a patient. Whats the person who overhears such commentm(or the viewer )to take from this?”

    Aren’t we trying to establish and maintain a professional image? How much money did we spend for such weak editing?

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