1. Thanks for contacting us Ashieqa. We suggest you visit NASW’s helpstartshere.org website for advice on parenting. The website has search engines that can help you find social workers in your area who may be able to help you improve your relationship with your daughter and cope with your relationship with your mother. We wish you the best and please know there are social workers who can help you.

  2. We recommend you call your local social service organization for help.

  3. Hi,I recently moved to Port Elizabeth from Cape Town .I am unemployed,my husband works as a mechanic.And gets paid daily or weekly.Its not much but we survive.I gave 2 kids age 7 and 12 that has to attend school.Im struggling getting them into a school.Is there any way I can get help in assisting me in my situation.Im so stressed because they cannot stay home ,they have to go to school.What can I do?

  4. I’m not really sure where to go to talk about this I’ve never talked to a social worker before, but I’m 20 years old (almost 21) and I need helping finding a job and getting housing so i can move out of my parents’ house. They are always in my business and want to know everything. My mom took my phone and my ipad. I just feel like I’m living in an on and off again toxic environment that I need to get out of.

  5. Hi, I’m interested in being a social worker.
    I wanted to know if the work life/hours are really long. Also, do you have time to go to family parties, vacation, or even being able to go home and spend time with family?

  6. hi everyone i am celine and i wish to join in a group that could help me access reviewers for social work board

  7. Hi, I’m doing a project on the effects of anxiety on romantic relationships and one of the perspectives I need is from a social worker. If anyone could answer the following questions that’d be great.

    Have you dealt with individuals who demonstrate signs of anxiety disorder?
    What was their behaviour like?
    What are some main characteristics individuals with an anxiety disorder convey?
    How do they interact with others?
    How is their social life?
    What emotions did they struggle with?
    How are their romantic relationships?
    Do they struggle to convey intimacy?
    What are some effective ways to help individuals with anxiety who struggle to maintain healthy relationships?Do you find that a lot of people have issues with intimacy who have social anxiety?
    Is it very obvious to you to depict what individuals have anxiety?
    Does anxiety have a huge impact on romantic relationships?
    Are there a lot of people who avoid having romantic relationships because of their anxiety?
    Do people keep their anxiety issues to themselves when they’re in a relationship?

  8. Hi. I’m a freshman at Tylertown High School and i’m working on a career search report. One part of the report consists of interviewing someone in the profession i’m interested in- a Child Welfare Social Worker. I have a few questions to ask so if anyone could reply and help me out that would be great.

  9. I am a prospective MSW Student. I am currently writing essays to get into a masters program. One of the questions is asking about career objectives and goals. I’m not sure what they are looking for. Are they looking for practical, aspirational, over arching career objectives, or the more interpersonal and client care type of info?
    I understand that school can be a strategic game and I want to put my best foot forward.

    • We suggest you contact the school to get more details on exactly what they want in the essay. You may also talk to other people who have been accepted into the program. They may be able to advise you, too. Good luck!

  10. I need help with my Health and Social Care assignment please

  11. Hi there, I am looking for advice for my husband’s family.
    This is a family of 5 adults living in Apple Valley, CA in severe poverty.
    Two of the adults are twin sisters – both have cerebral palsy, one also has sever bipolar disorder. They have been cared for over the years by their mother. The mom has recently fallen extremely ill and is in and out of the hospital. The mother was the soul provider for the family, working a part time position at a big box retail store. Because of her medical condition she is no longer able to work. The mother has applied and received disability insurance through the state, but is still having a lot of issues providing for the family. Please note that this family lives a great distance from other relatives. We would like to move the family closer and I recently had the mom apply for subsidized housing but haven’t received any info back.

    I am very concerned that the twins are not being well taken care of, and the living conditions are not clean and healthy. I need to do something to lessen the burden on my husband but I am not sure what other avenues there are available.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  12. My parents took me out of school when I came out as Bisexual to my highschool. They have took away all my connection to the outside world. They are trying to homeschool me. They constenly tell me im going to hell, say im disgusting, and have even threatened physical abuse. Is this worth going to CPS?

    • We are so sorry this is happening to you. We urge you to get in contact with the Family Acceptance Project (https://familyproject.sfsu.edu/), which was created by NASW member and social worker Caitlin Ryan. They can give you and your family advice. Also visit NASW’s Help Starts Here website (www.helpstartshere.org) and read our articles about sexuality, coming out if you are LGBT, and advice for parents. Good luck and please circle back to us if you need more information.

  13. What are the non-developmental crises in a family ?
    What are the problems and violence that family faces?
    What are the different types of family diversity ?

  14. I am unemployed with zero money coming in or saved I am very depressed because I am in pain every waking hour of my life which prevents me to obtain employment at this time. I go to physical therapy and Pain management and while I’m​ doing that I also applied for temporary disability and food stamps and was denied. I live with my grand mother in one of the spare rooms. Right now I reside in pg county Maryland.
    There is a part 2 to this story
    I am engaged to my child hood school mate
    Who at this time is unemployed and reside with his grandmother in DC however for good reasons​ unfortunately he suffers from several health problems including type 1 diabetes gastroparisis , rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, and he’s a kidney transplant survivor. He takes many life saving medications including incilin. He gets social security disability and is on the list for housing he has been on the list for over seven years.
    He has been in the hospital due to low levels and gastroparisis several time and one time for a whole month. The situation is that we plan to marry in a year and we are both living with our grandmothers and with his conditions it’s very hard to monitor him from where I live and it’s getting riskier and riskier getting sick were he now resides to where his elderly grandmother found him nearly uncontious from very low levels we are not to live together in neither grandparents home. Saying all of this my question is how can we get him in housing as soon as possible and can I serve as a care taker with him before marriage and will his social security benefits change when we marry?
    Because I also would like to apply for temporary assistant in Washington DC until I am able to work again however I at this time live in MD I would like to move to DC with him.
    Please help me. I don’t want a way from him home and something happens.

    • Diamond:

      We are so sorry to hear about your issues. The National Association of Social Workers does not provide direct services to clients. However, we have a website called http://www.helpstartshere.org. On that website there is a search engine where you can find social workers in your area to help you. We urge you to contact one. They are there to help. Best wishes.

      Greg Wright
      NASW Public Relations Manager

  15. My father abuse me nd my lil sister and my mother am only 17 stay in mamelodi I really need help we have been to other social workers in my place but they don’t help us

    • Thanks for contacting us. Social Work Blog is a blog run by the National Association of Social Workers in the United States. We do not provide direct services in South Africa where you live. However we urge you contact the National Association of Social Workers South Africa (http://www.naswsa.co.za/). They may be able to connect you to the services you need. Our thoughts are with you.

      Greg Wright
      NASW Public Relations Manager

  16. My husband on drugs, on and off. Financial support not enough, refuse to take responsibility as a husband and father. I am worried that if I might die of cancer, can I appoint a guardian other than him to look after my minor children. His mother is 86, so she cannot be the guardian. I am also bipolar and have mood disorder. He is killing me slowly emotionally and I am afraid for the sake of kids that I won’t make it. I cannot get out of the marriage. Help!

    • Tazz:

      We are so sorry you are experiencing these issues. We suggest you go to http://www.helpstartshere.org, an NASW consumer website that offers guidance on a variety of issues, including addiction. The website also has a search tool that will help you find a social worker and help in your area. We urge you to use it.

      Good luck and we are sure a social worker can help you overcome these problems.

      Greg Wright
      NASW Public Relations Manager

  17. I really need help

  18. I need to ask a few questions to a child welfare social worker for a college assignment… help??

    • Jada Danko:

      Please go to HelpPro and use their search engines to find social workers who work near you. I’m sure if you call one on the list they will be happy to help you with your paper. https://www.helppro.com/.

      Good luck!

      Greg Wright
      NASW Public Relations Manager

  19. lerato sinclear

    I need help with ma father he always beat me and tell he which I could die

  20. Help I’m a young mum in Melbourne I have 2 children 2 and 17 months my 17 month old has a lot of appointments and bills to pay atm I’m I need of a new double pram asap mine broke I go on bus as I don’t have mu license so I don’t want one side to side . My 17 month old is not yet working she has week legs they helping her butt I need to have a sociol working to help me get a pram from st klida mums

    • I always have no family around to help

    • Good afternoon:

      We strongly suggest you contact local social workers in our country of Australia to try to address your problems. You may also wishto contact the Australian Association of Social Workers. http://www.aasw.asn.au/.

      We hope you will find the assistance you need by working with local authorities.

      Greg Wright
      NASW Public Relations Manager

  21. Hi this is halima I suffer bipolar mental illness no support from family or friends at

  22. Is anyone else upset by the media’s use of the term “Death Panel”. I work in a Long term acute care hospital and so many of our seriously ill patients often have no advance directives and leave family members with choices they find difficult to make. When I speak to patients regarding Advance Directives they say oh I’m not dying you can’t make me do that, they really are receiving bad information from our media.

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