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National Association of Social Workers on Facebook and Myspace

NASW is on Facebook and Myspace. Are you?

Are you a social worker and social work student on Myspace and Facebook? Send NASW a friend request. Join the Official NASW Facebook group or Myspace group and network with other social work professionals, students, and friends.

NASW on Myspace

NASW on Facebook

Fan Page –

Official NASW Facebook Group –

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  1. avatar nav-left

    I want to join your group to express my knowledge and to get more information about social work.

  2. avatar
    Caroline Secord Says:

    I just want to add you as a link on my facebook and I am unsure if I have the means to do so. Could you advise as to the process? Thank you. It is great to have access to this site from Facebook.

  3. avatar nav-left

    My social work student blog is geared primarily for the older nontraditional student. I would be honored if you would check it out and let me know what you think. Thank you.

  4. avatar nav-left

    How appropriate or safe is it for a SW to be a member on these sites. I started one this past week and I worry about this. Let me know what the assoc. thinks and advised members or members to be. Claudia

  5. avatar
    georgina Kioko Says:

    I would like 2 b a member. If I want a monthly subscription, how do I go about getting it?

  6. avatar
    candice burnett Says:

    As a social work student, I think this is a great idea to have all social workers/students networking. I am planning to join!

  7. avatar nav-left

    Georgina, if you are interested in NASW membership please visit

  8. avatar nav-left

    Thank you ladies and gentlemen for moving into the 21st century! I am quite fond of it myself. What a wonderful group of people who accomplish so much for so many with so little! I am this years president of USWA and I am loving every moment of learning and sharing. Have you ever had the feeling you have been preparing for something all your life and it is just about to happen!? WOW!

  9. avatar nav-left

    Caroline, Here are some options:

    You can become a fan of our Facebook fan page.

    You can click on any of the “Share This” links on this blog, select Facebook (login to Facebook), and a link to the post will appear on your profile under “Posted Items”.

  10. avatar nav-left

    Thank you! Its great to have social work associations keeping up with the times. Sites such as Facebook help keep us connected, and are a great medium for advocacy and sharing resources!

  11. avatar
    Jane Mayer Says:

    I am wondering for those of us in clinical practice, what NASW advises with regards to clients seeking us out and sending ‘friend’ requests. This seems confusing. Please advise!

  12. avatar nav-left

    I agree that it is great to have NASW growing and changing with the times. The addition of Myspace and Facebook is great for networking, and keeping up on the latest and greatest. I just added NASW today, and already I am looking forward to the resources and networking opportunities available! Thank you!

  13. avatar nav-left

    It is great to have an organization that is so reputable to be on a social netwrok. Congratulations. Thanks, Dan :)

  14. avatar
    Tiffany Arnold Says:

    I think that it will be a great opportunity to meet other Social Workers


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