– Tuesday, June 24th at 9 PM est, Guess the Diagnosis!

Tuesday, June 24th at 9 PM est, Guess the Diagnosis!

Despite a social work concern with labeling generally, many of us are called upon to diagnose, especially for insurance purposes. Join your social work colleagues on Tuesday, June 24th at 9 PM est for a fun chat about diagnosing. We call it “Guess the Diagnosis” and we bring case illustrations for you to ponder with us. Through a discussion of the symptoms and struggles a client brings, we learn more about the diagnostic criteria. Bring cases you may be struggling with as well! (Remember, no identifying information about clients allowed). Mila Tecala will lead the discussion. Susan Mankita, MSW, LCSW is the forum moderator.

Here are some useful links for DSM diagnosing

http://www. dsmivtr. org/2-1faqs. cfm is the DSM’s official site and includes FAQS, coding issues, a summary of the practice relevant changes and some information about the upcoming DSM V.

Jonathon Singer’s social work podcast has a free mp3 lecture available on diagnosing…
http://socialworkpodcast. com/2007/01/dsm-diagnosis-for-social-workers. html

Finally, Psyweb has a review of the multiaxial system and general information about each dx. http://psyweb. com/Mdisord/DSM_IV/jsp/dsm_iv. jsp

Also coming up in the near future in our chat room
Sunday, June 29th – End of Life Choices with Guest Expert, Roger Barnes
Tuesday, July 1st – Shame and Anger with Guest Expert, Brock Hansen

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