1. Gopal Raj Pokhrel

    Hello, I am social science student.I like to be informed of following:
    1.Which is the first social work day ? 2.From when we started celebrating this? 3.Is there a particular recognized day to celebrating social work day ?,thanks

    • Good morning:

      NASW oversees Social Work Month in March. The month was first commemorated in 1963 and nationally recognized by President Reagan in 1984. As regards World Social Work Day you should contact or visit the website of the International Federation of Social Workers. http://www.ifsw.org.

  2. I am going to celebrate with other social worker so that we are connected with each other and we are going to work and we are going to serve more people as we can.

  3. I am going to celebrate social work month with my beloved Social Worker, Ms. Frances Kelley. She is so wonderful.


  4. Happy Social Work Day Celebration!!! Here in Mindanao State University ( Philippines) the Department of Social Work and the Social Work Student Association which I am the president celebrated our Social Work Week from march 17-23 2009. Our theme was Social Work: Forging Partnership Towards advancing Its Relevance In Today’s Challenges! We deeply advocate the relevance of Social work in today’s challenges in which we had a forum on Juvenile Justice Act, Student Activities such as Quiz Show, Poster Making, Ex-tempo speech and distribution of bundles of joy to our clients in group work…

    It was the first time here in our university to have a Social Work Celebration and finally it could a tradition to follow for the rest of the years.,. I had to made a lot of sacrifices to learn the knowledge, skills and attitude of a social worker. This year Im going to have my field practicum for 6 months and its another rough journey for me.,. Aim High Social work!!!!

    Wassalam and Sokhran!

  5. Matthew Prentice

    I wrote this Op Ed and sent it to my local legislatures, governor, my state chapter’s Board of Directors, my Master’s program cohort, faculty from my university (UNC-CH), 3 local newspapers and friends and family:

    The entire month of March is dedicated as Social Work month. On March 17, 2009 the International Federation of Social Workers sponsored World Social Work Day which encouraged every individual to reflect upon and honor the commitment of social workers from across the globe in their efforts to continuously serve and empower the world’s most vulnerable populations. The social work profession is one which relentlessly works to inspire hope and a unique sense of optimism in times of distress. It is a profession that continues to seek opportunities for advancement to unify the world as an equitable and peaceful community. And for all of the victory that this profession achieves it continues to remain humble. Professionals who work in the field recognize that most of the victory comes from the inspired creativity and tireless efforts of the individuals they are serving. It is within this sense of ethical understanding, and commitment to solidarity and peace, that social workers are, without doubt, distinguished as exceptional human beings.
    Inspiring individual hope and affecting global change through community partnerships are integral focuses of practitioners from across the world. The social workers practice continues to strengthen individuals, villages, cities, states and countries despite the current reality of our tumultuous economic climate. It is hard to ignore the perseverance of these special individuals as each day they are inspiring people of all nationalities and socioeconomic statuses to adopt their own sense of optimism and embrace resiliency. Through these actions, social workers continue to improve the state of the individual and the health of our planet. Social work is therefore an asset in the current and future welfare of our global environment and should certainly be honored as such.
    As an extremely proud social worker, and member of the National Association of Social Workers- North Carolina chapter, I wish everyone an encouraged, selfless and spirited Social Work month.

    Matthew Prentice, BSW (MSW Candidate)
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    NASW-NC Graduate Student Representative

  6. For social work month I am going to share with co-workers what it means to be a social worker. I am going to pursue my dreams on why I got into social work. I am pening my private practice for ten hours per week and moving to a new location. I work in a soup kitchen and sometimes feel people don’t understand social work. However, I believe I do and I am glad that I am a social worker.

  7. As a social worker, I pretty much work alone…so I celebrated by taking my very self to the NASW conference in Las Vegas. Just got back. I learned quite a bit from presenters (aging isn’t part of my usual repertoire). But I learned a whole lot from my peers in attendance.

    Just the experience of being in a room full of social workers helped put me back in touch with the passion for change, and for service, that got me into social work in the first place.

    And, of course, the sunny, warm destination for this northeast yankee was just an added bonus.

  8. I will be at a high school career fair. I will be telling high school students why I enjoy the field of social work and hope to encourage them to become a social worker!

  9. I’m educating as many people (social workers, but especially non-social workers) that it is Social Work Month. While I am doing this, I’m asking how they are going to show appreciation for their social work employees and colleagues. Often other disciplines are recognized formally and publicly, but social workers are not. I want to change this!

  10. To celebrate Social Work Month, I created a quiz with facts about social work. The quiz is open to all staff. The quiz includes questions regarding the frontiersmen of social work., questions re: local social workers, credentialing, recent laws passed, etc. On March 18th we will have a Salad Extravaganza at which time everyone in the department will bring a different salad. We have these cool t-shirts that we will wear on that day that have our business name on the front ,and on the back, the DSM IV Code – 309.28 with several different faces (happy, sad, perplexed, and irritable). During this luncheon we will have a final exam that will include all of the answers given for the weekly quizzes. Prizes will be awarded.

  11. I will be trying to get back into the field that I love – medical social work. I’ve been off work due to disability. I’m now feeling that getting back to work would be really good “therapy”. However, having been away for a couple of years, it just might be more challenging to find a job!

  12. Unfortunately, I will be one of the hundreds of Social Workers who find themselves unemployed. I may celebrate by volunteering, while I continue to find employment.

  13. Jane Hyde, LCSW

    Our hospital recognizes Social Work month and the Social Services Department will utilize a social work display board from NASW-Louisiana to educate patients and staff on What Do Social Workers Do?

  14. Today I joined the NASW as a student member, and to celebrate March as Social Work Month I made a donation to the Public Education Campaign.
    I think that Social Workers are really cool people because we have a big heart, big arms to help fellow humans in need, and a big brain to embrace diversity.

  15. Each Monday morning in March the social work department will share education about the social work profession with the rest of the interdisciplinary team. For example, research shows the number of hospice patients hospitalizations decrease when educated and trained social workers are part of the interdisciplinary team. Afterwards we will provide a fun activity such as who can find the most 3 or more letter words out of “SOCIAL WORKERS” and a “SOCIAL WORK” word search puzzle.

  16. I’m a student at Auburn University and our social work club is doing a lot of different things throughout the month. We’re doing some various service project, providing a breakfast for the social work professors, speaking to some freshman orientation classes, and having a get a dinner for all the social work students.

  17. I added the following message to my email signature: March is Social Work Month! Did you know that professional social workers are the nation’s largest group of mental health service providers? Social workers provide more mental health services than psychologists, psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses combined.

  18. I’ve been in NASW long enough to wear a unique Social Work button every day of Social Work Month!

  19. I purchase some token of appreciation for my staff and we also take time to go out to lunch as a group.

  20. My dept at work will be hosting a number of inservice conferences dedicated to social work month. A special social reception will also be held for all social workers.

  21. The NASW Idaho Chapter Office will be sending the brochure, “CHOICES: Careers in Social Work,” to every Idaho high school career counselor that has a student interested in our profession. We will also have a board member or some other member of the Association visit the school during their career fair.http://naswpress.org/publications/brochures/choices.html

  22. I am going to Portland State, to meet the professors in March; as I am continuing my Social Work journey into the masters level.

  23. Working with one of my co-workers in coming up with ideas in helping our clients, especially the ones who need that special help. Discuss our Strengths and Weaknesses plus choosing Training Courses that we in most need of & discuss.

  24. LinaGracia T. Marbella

    we will have inservices each week on social workers’ role in the nursing home, needs of the elderly, advance directives and alzheimers disease. each event is sponsored by other departments in the facility. we will be wearing our social work tshirts every friday for the whole month. we will be wearing SW buttons.

  25. I’m a college student, and my class is organizing quite a few things on campus. The Social Work Student Association is supporting a movie on campus for students to come to as well as a table (trying to get out all the fields we are in and how amazing we are!!), speaker, games and such. We even called prospective students and tried to explain how social work is a helping profession yet has so many opportunities!

  26. I will be creating new posters to celebrate Social Work and Social Workers

  27. Will be creating with a fellow intern a poster for the lobby of the clinic which educates staff and clients on social work and what professional social workers do at the clinic.

  28. I am going to see a play in New York City at The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, on March 22, 2009 @ 4:00pm called, “Call Me Crazy, Diary of a Mad Social Worker.” It’s only $15 and Social Workers all over New York City have been flocking to see it.

  29. Cheryl Blankenship Kupras

    For Social Work Month, I always change the greeting on my phone to say my usual greeting followed by “and in March, please join me in celebrating National Social Work Month”

    I also generally buy a trinket or two for the other Social Workers in my Department.

    • Hi Cheryl…congrats on your VP run for NASW..I voted for you …all the best of luck …good to see all your contributions and achievements to the field…I am keeping up my license and ed. and now getting back to health, three years since retirement from Kaiser,,husband is working on the HEALTH initiative so has not bought into retirement as yet…did not have any other email address…hope this works…HAPPY SOCIAL WORKERS MONTH, 2015……Joanne Rudinskas

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