July Reads for Rejuvenation and Restoration

July Reads for Rejuvenation and Restoration

Reenvisioning Therapy with Women of Color: A Black Feminist Healing Perspective by Lani V. Jones

Reeinvisioning Therapy with Women of Color: A Black Feminist Healing PerspectiveThis unique and unapologetic book vividly explores the complex mental health experiences of Women of Color and gives therapists and educators a deeper understanding of the complex problems that Women of Color bring into treatment. With the goal of assisting therapists in developing foundational culturally responsive intervention skills, Lani V. Jones presents key elements and proficiencies critical to Black feminist therapeutic philosophy, theory, and practice.

Through numerous anecdotes and case studies, Jones takes a person-centered, politically informed perspective that positions therapy within a cultural context, privileging race, gender, sexuality, and so on. She also provides insight into key paradigm shifts, such as moving the field from deficit models of psychosocial competence to culturally relevant methods that focus on resilience, strengths, and spirituality.

Treating the Eating Disorder Self: A Comprehensive Model for the Social Work Therapist by Mary Anne Cohen

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Mary Anne Cohen, LCSW, director of the New York Center for Eating Disorders, brings over 40 years of experience working with clients struggling with an eating disorder. In this engaging and compassionate book, Cohen teaches therapists how to fearlessly reach out to the heart and humanity of each client, illustrating how the therapist–client relationship—with its sharing of tears and laughter—makes treatment a deeply healing experience.

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NASW Code of EthicsThe NASW Code of Ethics is a set of standards that guide the professional conduct of social workers. The 2021 update includes language that addresses the importance of professional self-care.

Moreover, revisions to the Cultural Competence standard provide more explicit guidance to social workers. All social workers should review the new text and affirm their commitment to abide by the Code of Ethics.

The Code of Ethics is also available in Spanish.




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