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Tag Archives: child protection

NASW California Statement on Indictment of DCFS workers

The news that four Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) workers have been indicted for criminal child abuse and falsification of documents in a 2013 case shook the social work world not just in California but across the country. A child death is a tragedy and we all mourn the loss of Gabriel. At the same ... Read More »

Q&A SPS Webinar on Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Excerpts below are from the NASW Specialty Practice Sections (SPS) live webinar on the commercial exploitation of children. SPS members can download the on demand audio recording or read the transcript by visiting the NASW Section page for details. CE credits are also available. Q: How do you suggest that I work with a young person who really doesn’t see ... Read More »

SPS Webinar Commercial Exploitation of Children

Exclusively for NASW Specialty Practice Sections Members Understanding the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children We often think of trafficking victims as being foreign nationals held in bondage in other countries. This webinar will present an overview of commercial sexual exploitation and domestic minor sex trafficking to discuss what this issue looks like in the United States. It will examine the ... Read More »

Social Work in the News – February 5, 2008

When Police Intervene Newsweek – USA [One of those] is the SMART team, where we have an officer paired up with a person—a doctor, nurse or licensed clinical social worker—from the Los Angeles … For NASA, ‘The Right Stuff’ takes on a softer tone USA Today – USA That can backfire during a long stay in space, says Lawrence Palinkas ... Read More »