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Lifetime Abuse and Quality of Life among Older People

Abuse has immediate effects on health and, in some cases, is fatal. It has been established that exposure to abuse results in physical, mental, and behavioral health consequences. Maltreatment is a common and significant burden on the health care system that can produce residual effects, both short and long term. In fact, the negative health consequences can persist long after the ... Read More »

Similarities and Differences in the Influence of Paternal and Maternal Depression on Adolescent Well-Being

It’s known that depressed parents may negatively influence the well-being and outcomes of their children. However, prior research has mostly addressed mother’s depression rather than the father’s; furthermore, the research has mostly addressed effects on early childhood and not adolescents. To address this gap, Kevin Shafer, PhD, Brandon Fielding, MSW, and Douglas Wendt, MSW, recently had their findings published in ... Read More »

A Depression Prevention Program for Rural Adolescents: Modification and Design

Major depression has become a common, persistent, and debilitating condition that has been associated with elevated psychiatric problems and an increased risk for academic failure, interpersonal problems, suicide attempts and legal problems in adolescents. Depression prevention programs for preadolescents are of great importance because many young people are in the early stages of a depression trajectory. Yet most rural communities ... Read More »

Social workers help address emergency calls

By Rena Malai, News Staff People contemplating suicide, suffering from depression or experiencing severe panic attacks may call 911 to get help. But the sergeant of the Cheyenne Police Department in Wyoming says police officers may not fully be prepared or trained to deal with a mental health situation. “Police officers are trained to find immediate solutions to a problem,” ... Read More »

News from the Hill – September 2011

NASW Sends Letter to the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction NASW recently sent a letter to the recently appointed 12 members of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction who will make recommendations on ways to increase revenues while reducing the deficit.  The Super Committee will determine which programs, both military and domestic, that will be included in a ... Read More »