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NASW Texas calls upon Governor Abbott to maintain mask mandate

Visiting quarantined mother, communicating through a glass window

The National Association of Social Workers – Texas Chapter (NASW/TX) is deeply disappointed by Governor Abbott’s decision to remove the mask mandate in Texas. While the Governor does include provisions that allow counties to take additional steps should their hospitalization rates rise, illness and death should not drive our public policy.  Instead, Governor Abbott should follow the guidance of the ... Read More »

NASW’s Betsy Clark Answers ACA Decision Questions

Elizabeth J. Clark, PhD, ACSW, MPH is CEO of the National Association of Social Workers Q: The ACA was upheld, but experts predict an avalanche of new enrollees in 2014, which will overwhelm our health care system. What should be done? Dr. Clark: Between 30-40 million new enrollees means that, among other issues, we need to think about using health ... Read More »