On Any Given Day, Social Workers Help

Nov 28, 2007

Campaign video highlights important work of social workers

Here are some suggestions on opportunities
to use this video:
• Conferences
• Career Fairs/Career Days
• Grand Rounds
• Presentations to Senior Management
• Student Recruitment
• Community and Religious Meetings
• Editorial Boards with Newspapers
• Health Fairs

There are so many Internet buzz
words and Web 2.0 is just the
latest. Web 1.0 is the Internet –
it is information dissemination to a
mass audience. Web 2.0 is the
next iteration in the Internet – the ability to interact with
the information medium and create a dialogue.
The PE Campaign is including Web 2.0 in its tactics as well:

  • Blogs – the NASW Pressroom and HelpStartsHere.org
    both have blogs where people can respond to issues
    of the day
  • Cheers & Jeers – located on the NASW Pressroom
    blog, the Cheers & Jeers section allows social workers
    to congratulate and critique journalists about social work
    and social issues. Contribute your views on the best and
    worst in media coverage of social work issues.
  • RSS – allows for HelpStartsHere.org content to filter into Web 2.0 search engines, like Google Blog Search and Technorati.

Social workers know that on any given day they are working with clients, families
and communities. They are working on Capitol Hill or with organizations that are
making a change in society. Now, the National Social Work Public Education
Campaign has a tool to show social workers as they effect change for their clients
and for their communities.

This 5-minute video follows three social workers through their work with clients and
communities to show, rather than tell, the breadth and depth of social work practice.

Jennifer Perez is a social worker for the trauma and medical unit at the University of North Carolina Hospitals. She is the calming force to those whose lives have been turned upside down by tragedy. Jennifer works with the patient and their families to reduce the chaos in their lives and to work on a transition to their next step.

Sue Matorin is a social worker and therapist in New York City. She works one-on-one with clients to help them through troublesome situations in their lives. Sue’s clients rely on her ability to help them get the symptoms of stress under control and work through their problems.

William Bell is the President and CEO of Casey Family Programs, an organization dedicated to providing, improving and ultimately preventing the need for foster care. He is a social worker who is enacting change for the thousands of youth in the foster care system through his advocacy for social justice.

These social workers highlight three distinct areas of social work practice and give the viewers a snapshot of the important work that social workers do.

“On Any Given Day” debuted at the Council on Social Work Education’s Annual Program Meeting in October 2007. NASW Chapters and individuals may obtain more information about “On Any Given Day” at media@naswdc.org.