Social Work Month 2008

Nov 9, 2007

Each year, social workers come together in the month of March to honor each other and the profession of social work.

The 2008 Social Work Month theme is

social work month

Since 2006 NASW has highlighted a particular area of practice and couples it with the branding tagline from the National Social Work Public Education Campaign. The 2006 Social Work Month theme, “Life’s Journey: Help Starts Here,” focused on the important services social worker provide to older people. The 2007 Social Work Month theme, “Hope and Health: Help Starts Here,” emphasized the importance of the physical and emotional well-being.

Our focus on the family in this year’s campaign led us to a central tenant of social work strength. The foundation for growth and change in an individual, a family and a community are their strengths. Social workers are educated from the “strengths perspective” to help clients and communities understand the strengths and resources they have that will enable them to achieve their goals.

Social Work Month 2008 merchandise and the Social Work Month 2008 toolkit

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