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NASW Foundation

Mark Battle (1924 – 2011)

The NASW Family wishes to extend its deepest sympathies to the family of Mark Battle as we are greatly saddened by the loss of this great social work pioneer. We want to acknowledge his loving wife, NASW Social Work Pioneer® Evelyn Kays-Battle, and extend our deepest sympathies to her and their family. We join a host of friends, colleagues, students, ... Read More »

NASW Supports the End of the War in Iraq

President Obama recently announced that U.S. troops will return home from Iraq by the end of this year. After nearly nine years, the war in Iraq will end. According to the White House, “The war in Iraq came with tremendous cost. More than a million Americans served in Iraq, and nearly 4,500 gave their lives in service to the rest ... Read More »

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Other examples Dew recalls of his racist upbringing include a two for a dollar pamphlet that became a favorite of his father’s. The pamphlet, printed in 1953, attacked former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt for comments she made in print about poverty in North Carolina. The pamphlet claimed to have 210,000 copies in print.. We neophytes in that area. We approaching ... Read More »

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MEGEVE, France (AP) Adam Yates came to his second Tour de France without any ambition in the general classification. Three weeks and a spectacular crash later, only two more days in the Alps separate him from a podium finish on the Champs Elysees. Regarded as one of the most promising riders of his generation, the 23 year old British rider ... Read More »

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LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. Two days ago, the Kansas City Royals didn’t have a single right handed hitting option in their outfield. Now, it appears, they’re about to have two. Switch hitter Melky Cabrera, 26, neared agreement Thursday on a one year contract for a guaranteed $1.25 million with $250,000 in performance bonuses. The pending deal came less than 24 ... Read More »

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Collet Inc. Specialized in road construction projects. The company later added gravel mining and asphalt operations to support its road building activities, said Tom Inks, the company’s former vice president of project management. With a couple of hours to kill, I bought a Bitang, the local beer in Bali and sat on the lawn to take in the beautiful view. ... Read More »

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The challenges have been lively (and tonight hardware store challenge looks tremendous). And, most importantly, the designers are competent. They even use colors! Who knew such a thing could be used in fashion?I go so far to say that this is the deepest pool of designers the show has had in a very long time. This sort of thing worked ... Read More »

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La selva tropical del Amazonas se extiende por nueve países de América del Sur. La selva tropical, alimentado por el río Amazonas, es un área de diversidad ecológica del planeta, proporcionando los recursos del planeta necesita para sobrevivir. La selva tropical del Amazonas proporciona más del 20 por ciento del oxígeno del mundo, una quinta parte del agua dulce y ... Read More »

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Utilisation de l’huile de noix de coco sur la peau peut être la différence entre la peau squameuse, sèche et une peau douce et éclatante, que cette huile est connue pour ses bienfaits hydratants. Largement utilisé dans les crèmes pour la peau, savons et lotions pour son efficacité dans la lutte contre la peau sèche, l’huile de noix de coco ... Read More »

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Vous ne devez pas dépenser des milliers de dollars pour obtenir une robe de concours gagnant. Rechercher eBay ou votre centre commercial local pour les ventes. S’il est élégant, étincelles sur scène, et il vous fait vous sentir comme une reine, alors il pourrait être votre robe gagnante. Maillot de bain est pas de savoir qui est la fille la ... Read More »