NASW Social Justice Brief offers Recommendations to End Racial Profiling and Mitigate Use of Force by Police

Justice Brief Cover

Justice Brief Cover

Recent cases involving the injury or deaths of people of color during encounters with law enforcement officers have put more attention on racial profiling, according to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Social Justice Brief The Role of Racial Profiling in Encounters with Law Enforcement.

Studies show people are more likely to stop people of color for traffic violations, issue them citations and arrest them, the brief said.  Blacks, Latinos and other people of color are also more likely to experience violence at the hands of police.

Social workers can read the brief to learn solutions to racial profiling, including a call for a comprehensive review of the nation’s policing practices and appointing a special prosecutor to investigate police excessive and lethal force cases.

For more information contact NASW Social Justice and Human Rights Manager Mel Wilson at

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  1. I reviewed the brief and am pleased to see it also calls for consistent, disagregation of data collection and analysis to determine justification of any type of “profiling” by law enforcement. This type of research may help to ensure the safety of law enforcement officers, the prevention of excessive force, safety of people served in the community and, potentially, help identify areas and opportunities to battle poverty and abuse in our communities.

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