You are cordially invited to help NASW celebrate LGBT Pride Month 2010!

All interested LGBT social workers are invited to publish a personal profile on the National Association of Social Workers’ web site for the general public NASW membership is not required.

Just e-mail your responses to the following questions along with an electronic photo to Theresa Spinner in the NASW Communications Department at by Friday, May 28, 2010.  Ms. Spinner will send you a draft of your submission for your review and approval. Ms. Spinner will then upload your information to the site.  Let her know you found this appeal on the NASW Pressroom blog.

Q. Where did you earn your social work degree, what is your area of specialization, and where are you employed?

Q. Why did you choose social work as your profession?

Q. If you could resolve just one ongoing challenge affecting the LGBT community what would that be and how would you go about it?

Last year’s Pride Month submissions were extremely well received by visitors to the site. We received many heart felt compliments from members of the community who appreciated seeing social workers like themselves represented. You can see the complete list of profiles by clicking here.

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