We need more social workers, not less

In October, Brigham Young University announced that it would discontinue its undergraduate social work program. Students, social workers and the NASW Utah Chapter disagree with this decision. Read here from the Salt Lake Tribune about this decision and student protests to the decision.

In a letter the NASW Utah Chapter wrote to the president of BYU, Cecil Samuelson, they stated their concern for the decision made by David Magleby, dean of the College of Family, Home and Social Sciences. They noted the value of a Bachelor of Social Work, the unique education of a BSW student to work in social services in Utah, and the complement that the BSW program brings to the MSW program that already exists.

Most importantly, they noted the need for more, not less social workers available to serve the citizens of Utah.

How do you feel about this decision? How do you feel this will effect Utah and its citizens?


  1. This is a tragedy for the state. Mormons and social workers are a natural link because of the service helping others, Mormon willingness to be foster parents, community bonding and so on. Plus the department at Brigham Young is well known for its contribution to the field. I teach social work in Iowa and I’m very disappointed to hear this news.

  2. As a BYU MSW student I am disappointed in the lack of respect shown to our faculty, students and Profession. This decision was made the day before applications for the BSW Program were due, no faculty was advised of this, the BYU Social Work Advisory Board were not involved and for 42 days student’s voices have been ignored.

    We are demonstratiing and trying to ensure such heavy handed and disrepectful actions are reviewed and changed.

    Marc Gilchrist

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