NASW endorses Give an Hour, free mental health services for military and families

NASW is pleased to endorse Give an Hour, a nonprofit organization that gives free mental health services to U.S. military personnel and families. Give an Hour is working to develop a national network of volunteers for addressing the psychological symptoms directly related to deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan. Give an Hour also offers services to parents, siblings, and unmarried partners who are not entitled to receive mental health benefits through the military.

You can help by donating an hour of your services to a soldier or family member that the Department of Defense has identified as needing mental health services. After receiving professional services, participants are matched with community organizations that are in need of volunteers. Participants benefit in two ways, by having their psychological needs addressed and helping out in their own communities.

Please visit for more information about donating your time to this important cause.


  1. Adrienne Bernstein

    Please call or send me an email. I’ve been trying to reach you.

  2. Marilyn LaMascus,
    Please contact us as soon as possible. We are overjoyed to see that you are
    in practice. our home phone# is 360-653-7680 Thanks!
    Dan Vestal

  3. Marilyn LaMascus, LCSW

    I would be honored to donate services to any veteran and/or family . I specialize in grief/loss and end of life issues. I provide cognitive behavioral treatment for a variety of problems including, relationship concerns, anxiety, mood disorders. I also have specialized training in trauma recovery. I have a private clinical practice in Las Vegas, NV

  4. Linda Meredith,MSS

    I would very much like to offer my services to a Irag veteran and/or family. I live in Center City Philadelphia and can provide in home services. I do not have a private office.

    Thank You.
    Linda Meredith, MSS

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