NASW Member Named to National Advisory Council on Aging

A major responsibility for the council is to review and make recommendations regarding grant applications.
W. June Simmons

NASW member W. June Simmons, CEO of the Partners in Care Foundation, has been appointed to the National Advisory Council on Aging. The council is among several national research advisory councils reporting to the director of the National Institutes of Health concerning pertinent programs.

“As a social worker, I am honored to represent the field — especially during these challenging times — on this very important advisory council,” Simmons said in a statement.

A major responsibility for the council is to review and make recommendations regarding grant applications to support biomedical research and research training activities.

Simmons will serve on the Advisory Council until December 2012 and will participate in council meetings held at the NIH.

According to the Partners in Care Foundation, Simmons’ career includes numerous activities involving aging issues.

She was a delegate to the 2005 White House Conference on Aging. She serves as senior adviser to the Alliance for Children and Families’ National Initiative for Transforming Social Service Geriatric Practice. She is an appointee to the HMO Caregiver Work Group, a national think tank funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to advance managed care models for caring for the aging population.

Simmons is an advisory board member of the Practice Change Fellows Selection Committee and was founding chair of the National Chronic Care Consortium. She initiates and directs the Institute for Advancement of Geriatric Social Work Education, a cooperative venture between major Southern California graduate schools of social work to develop the region as a center of excellence in geriatric social work education.

In addition, Simmons serves on major national and local technical committees, panels and advisory boards.

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  1. I wanted to find out what you need to do to work as a social worker in Texas. I am currently a social worker supervisor in Florida for the Medicaid Waiver program but am interested in moving to texas. Any suggestions or guidance would be appreciated

  2. Congratulations June Simmons. Keep us proud with the genuine warmth,caring and empathy that emodies the profession of Social Work. As a past staff member for the Medical Society of New Jersey’s Foundation for Health Care, I know the battles ahead will win the war on Agism.
    Rich Seaton LCSW,MSW,MBA

  3. I recently learned that the Houston, Texas visual poet, Deborah Young is indeed a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Her tribute to professional social workers the “Social Workers Creed” has helped me to view social workers in a more appreciative, respectful manner. I am beyond impressed with Deborah Young and the interesting subjects she so cleverly writes about on her website

  4. Hello,
    I arm studying Social Work right now in the Netherlands. It’s very inspiring. I have to do an interview with a social worker from an other country. I will ask questions about in which way your work is different from working here. Is anyone interested?
    I really hope so.
    If you are interested, please send me an email:
    Best regards,
    Barbara Gerritsen

  5. Vanessa Shaffer, MSW

    Congratulations, June Simmons on your appointment to the National Advisory Council on Aging. She will be a true asset to the board. I am a graduate of the GSWEC program that June spear headed. June and the program were instrumental in my success as a MSW and my professional career in geriatric social work. Thank you! and good luck.

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