Social Workers Needed for Health Care Reform

Aug 5, 2009

It was the one regret Frances Perkins had. The one thing on her list she could not accomplish — health care reform. Some say President Teddy Roosevelt first tried to reform the system. We know Frances Perkins tried. President Johnson signed Medicare into law just over 40 years ago. Many of us remember what happened with the Clinton attempt. Now we are in danger of losing the next opportunity. Congress has gone home without voting on health care reform legislation. News of attempts to derail health care reform by disrupting local town hall meetings are being reported, as well as funding sources who are paying to bus protesters around the country.  NASW has been notifying members of our Advocacy Listserv about town hall meetings in their district and encouraging members to show up and support health care reform. It seems more important than ever to show up in your district. Let’s see if we can accomplish the last item on Frances Perkins’ list.