NASW Applauds Appointment of Julia Pierson as Secret Service Director

NASW applauds President Obama for appointing Julia Pierson as Director of the United States Secret Service (USSS). This is a milestone for women and the USSS as Ms. Person is the first woman in the agency’s nearly 150 year history to hold the top leadership position. In January, NASW expressed concern with the change in direction the President was taking on appointing women, of all ethnicities, to Cabinet positions and/or high level federal positions. Since then, the President has proceeded to nominate four additional women to the Administration including: Sally Jewell as Secretary of the Interior, Gina McCarthy as EPA Administrator, Edith Ramirez as Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, and Slyvia Mathews Burwell as Director of the Office of Management and Budget. NASW is pleased to see President Obama continue to confirm his commitment to women.

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  1. Thank you, NASW for your support of Ms. Pierson’s appointment to lead the US Secret Service. She is a Florida girl who has worked many years to earn this position. She is well-qualified and her gender should not be a consideration in those qualifications.

    I recognize NASW’s effort to ensure diversity in government appointments. It is hoped this focus will not rule out the best candidates for these appointments, regardless of gender, skin color, lifestyle, belief system, etc.

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