1. The citizens of the USA who voted yesterday have elected Donald Trump for President-Elect. His election, as well as the numerous states approving marijuana use, local elections, state elections and national elections are reflective of the USA’s version of Brexit. The voters have voiced their desire to change how our government operates.

    It is now time for us to help our nation heal by mending divides and focusing on how our government will serve its citizens, safely, effectively and cost-efficiently. It is hoped that the two principles of Lean will be applied: 1. Continuous Improvement and 2. Respect for all people.

  2. Best. News. Ever. #EstoyConElla #ImWithHer

  3. Voting for Secretary Hillary Clinton!

  4. Thanks for this super logo. Would have liked to have been displaying this in my car’s back window for the past SIX MONTHS or longer!! So thrilling that Hillary will be the voice of reason for our country and the world.

  5. Back in the day, PACE used to post their evaluation of each candidate by a checklist of their platforms on positions critical to NASW’s Program Priorities. I wish PACE still did that.

  6. As a Social Worker, I would like to ask if you guys have a way to request for a new print version or a PDF of the original book that Secretary Clinton wrote about social change for children? It is out of print and not available anywhere. I believe is a very valuable piece of information.


    Martha Gomez, MSW candidate

  7. Thank you for posting the letter.

  8. I can’t find where PACE has listed their reasons for supporting this candidate. Where is the link?

    • Good afternoon Beth:

      This letter was sent to NASW members:

      September 2016

      The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) enthusiastically endorses Hillary Clinton for President in 2016. NASW is the largest membership organization of professional social workers in the United States, with 130,000 members.

      Our endorsement of Secretary Clinton is motivated by her history of social change. For example, in 1992, Secretary Clinton was instrumental in developing and eventually passing the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), a highly successful program that provides insurance coverage to children whose families earn too much to qualify for medical assistance, but who could not afford to purchase private insurance.

      Over the years, she has been a stalwart and outspoken proponent for health care reform; HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment; women’s reproductive rights; social safety net; racial justice and equal rights; LGBTQ rights; and many other values and policies that are strongly aligned with NASW’s. NASW is further encouraged that during her campaign to become the nation’s next president, she has articulated her unambiguous commitment to work with Congress on passing key social justice and economic justice legislation, including immigration reform, college loan relief, criminal justice reform, increases in the minimum wage, and environmental protection.

      NASW is impressed that Secretary Clinton has been unwavering in both her personal and professional social justice and human rights activism. As a young professional fresh out of Yale Law School, where she was one of just 27 women in her graduating class, she ran legal clinics representing disenfranchised people.

      As a pioneer in the fight for women’s rights, Mrs. Clinton spoke before the United Nations saying, “Human rights are women’s rights; and women’s rights are human rights.” This position reinforced her work for domestic violence victims by helping to create the Office on Violence Against Women. As Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton developed the Hillary Doctrine, which holds that the issue of violence against women should be regarded as a national security issue.

      NASW’s enthusiastic endorsement of Mrs. Clinton is also a reflection of our deep concern for the composition of the federal judiciary. NASW is a firm believer that “Courts Matter”. We believe that not only will the next president have the opportunity to appoint at least two justices to the Supreme Court; she will also have the opportunity to appoint many justices to the Circuit Courts of Appeals and the lower Federal District Courts. We only need to be reminded that the fate of women’s reproductive rights, voting rights, gun violence, and universal health care will be decided during the next administration. Secretary Clinton will prioritize the appointment of justices who are from diverse gender and ethnic backgrounds, and those who embrace the ideal of protecting the rights of marginalized and vulnerable citizens.

      As a candidate for President, Mrs. Clinton is espousing the many “people first” priorities she has supported throughout her distinguished career. Along with most other Americans, NASW feels that there is a need for continued movement toward eliminating the many inequities that have plagued our social, political, and public safety systems. We are convinced that Hillary Rodham Clinton is the person who is best qualified for and has the deepest commitment to making the United States of America a more perfect union on all fronts.

      Darrell P. Wheeler, PhD, MPH, ACSW
      President Angelo McClain, PhD, LICSW
      Chief Executive Officer

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