NASW Minnesota Chapter letter to members regarding election of Donald J. Trump





November 9, 2016

Dear NASW-MN Members,

Last night our nation was surprised by the results of the presidential election. NASW had endorsed Hillary Clinton as the candidate who most closely aligned with the values and policies of our Social Work profession.  For those of us who supported her candidacy or one of the Independents, this is a difficult day as we look towards an uncertain future.

As independent citizens and residents we all have the right to our own opinions and to follow our own consciences. Now it will be important to work towards coming together as a nation, while still standing up for our beliefs and the concerns of our communities.

As social workers, it is also essential to remember that we uphold and demonstrate our professional ethics. Our Code of Ethics states:

The mission of the social work profession is rooted in a set of core values. These core values, embraced by social workers throughout the profession’s history, are the foundation of social work’s unique purpose and perspective:  service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, competence.

As we move into this new and unknown political territory, let us continue to live out these values in our work and our lives, remembering the needs and interests of our clients, and working for an inclusive, just, and responsible future.

In Support of Social Work Values,

Jessica Toft, MSW, PhD, LISW

NASW-MN Board President

Deborah Talen, MBA, MPA

NASW-MN Executive Director


  1. I definitely agree with you Beth…staying true to our Core Values regardless of political party.

  2. Thank you for this well-written letter. NASW’s Core Values may be exemplified through various means, regardless of political party. It is time for NASW to develop new strategies for promoting its priorities. “Begin where the client is”, is an often-expressed position of Social Work practice. As such, NASW and the profession will benefit from an outcomes-based approach, especially when seeking funding for services. Quantitative research to identify and demonstrate effective, efficient, client-centered services will generate a more positive response from legislators than the tired, old “feel-good” rhetoric used in the past.

    As a politically Conservative, Past NASW Chapter President, past 3-time Delegate to Delegate Assembly, Chapter and National Ethics Committee member and macro-practice clinician, I can report we all can stay true to our Core Values.

  3. I am surprised that you found Clintons values more relevant to social work than the Green Party:

    Ten Key Values
    Grassroots Democracy
    Social Justice and Equal Opportunity
    Ecological Wisdom
    Community-Based Economics and Economic Justice
    Feminism and Gender Equity
    Respect For Diversity
    Personal and Global Responsibility
    Future Focus and Sustainability

  4. And why wouldn’t we uphold all that we have committed to? Not really sure of the relevance of your letter.

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